A Saturday Night Look

I was perhaps a tad overdressed...

The Book Review | July '19

I made a significant dent in my reading pile last month. Now just another 80 odd to get through...


Walking on Sunshine

Sun's out, puns out.

Chuck It In The Fuck-It Bucket

Some pretty flowers to counteract the swearing

I've seen posts before about creating a 'Fuck Budget', most brilliantly done by Vix Meldrew having been inspired by Sarah Knight's The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck. However, I have not read the book. Instead I have been influenced by the source of most sparks of genius - the group chat. Usually what gets said there stays in the safety of Whatsapp (or relative safety - ain't no trusting Mark Zuckerberg) but this was such a straightforward but truly life altering piece of advice I feel compelled to share. It's by no means a new concept but it's effective and most importantly was given me to one of the most positive and bloody hilarious people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing so I feel it holds some weight. I was upset about something that felt like a big deal and after letting off steam in the chat she simply said, unpretentious, to the point and with a laugh:

"Chuck it in the Fuck-It Bucket."

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