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Hi frens! How are we? Quick update since we last spoke, it's been a little while I know, but I was laptopless and also busy because somehow I was able to drag my summer hols out for a whole four months. I've just moved into a new (happy) place in Brighton and am about to start my second year of uni, so that's where I'm currently at in life. I had many truly wonderful moments and also some horrendously bad, I would say it was an extreme time (much like that crazy heatwave, hey?)

But I'm not gonna put all that drama on here as this isn't Facebook. Who knows, I may say something of my experiences one day as they were certainly learning curves but for now I would like to not talk about *crippling depression* and instead have a mini rant discussion about why I've felt a bit distant from the blogging world lately.

I spent a lot of the summer volunteering again at the Fashion and Textile Museum, I'm sure I'll be posting about that at some point as even though the exhibition is over now I really want to keep the diary aspect of this blog going. One of the major things that really turns me off about blogging/social media is the commercialisation of it. Yes gurl, get that dollar, I myself have done the odd sponsored post and also posted about products I've received. But oh man is it constant 'SELL SELL SELL!' sometimes. I like shopping as much, if not more, than the next person but if even I am getting overwhelmed by it all then surely most people are. Life moves on and times change but I know when I started reading blogs it was because I was a nosy bugger who wanted to know what people were watching, what they were reading, what they were thinking and not only what they were wearing and buying (I'm a creepy person like that ok.) I liked to see a bit of personality. I don't know, it's a tricky one - it's incredible that people are earning actual money, enough to live off and then some, but it's just so in your face sometimes like #AD #AD #AD and it's just so bland. Don't get me wrong, I like a bit of mindless escapism (hello, TOWIE) but I guess it'd be nice to see someone write or wear something for the genuine pure joy of it otherwise life seems pretty soulless. Which it certainly is not, there are so many things to get excited about and I just wanna know what really floats someone's boat rather than that same mascara that twenty other influencers are raving about until they're sent a new one a week later. 

So yeah, that was a bloody long way of saying I will  be posting a lot more about exhibitions and art and life things.  Things I like. I did try therapy but I've worked out that really the nicest thing I can do for myself is a late night brain dump on here about whatever the hell I feel like talking about - whether it makes sense or not the next day will be a surprise, much like my drunk texts. If you think I chat nonsense on here, well you ain't seen nothing yet.

(But don't worry if you're here for the fashion, I obviously still love it so there'll still be some of that too.)

Josie x

Two Years

This week I hit two years post transplant - two extra precious years that I'd never have had if it weren't for a very special person and their family. Because of them I've got to spend more time with my family and loved ones, as well as meet so many lovely new people too. Things are so different now, life is wild. Hand on heart I wake up so excited every day because I can't wait to see where the day will take me - it's definitely taken me on some adventures!

I speak sometimes about life not always being a smooth ride post transplant but that's ok because it's all worth it. It's not about trying to avoid anxious feelings but acknowledging them. From talking to others it appears that it seems to be part and parcel of post transplant life. So much of society suffers from anxiety and depression without having the added pressure of transplant and CF, I think I forget sometimes that they're not common things to happen to a person. I can be quite immersed in that world due to growing up with it, being in hospital and having lots of amazing transplant/CF friends which means I think that often I normalise it. I have to remind myself to take a step back at times and look at it from an 'outsider' point of view, then I realise that it's actually a huge fookin' deal! I still have bouts of depression now and then (February to April was really difficult) but on the whole I'm still having so much fun and am starting to be kinder to myself. Physical health issues have popped up in the last year but these lungs are still doing fabulously and are taking me places I'd never been before. It's been so great to progress in life rather than being stuck in the mud (or with sticky lungs) like I used to.

I still feel the same sentiments I wrote in my post when I got to one year, I'll link it here if you'd like to read. I'll also share what I wrote on my instagram as it sums up all the feels - it's a quote from Lupita Nyong'o and although she was obviously talking about something else I felt her words were very relevant:

'It doesn't escape me for one moment that so much joy in my life is thanks to so much pain in someone else's.'

So here's to my donor and their family, who I think of daily but particularly more this week and sending all the love and gratitude. It's a cliche but there really are no words to thank them for what they've done for me and the opportunities and experiences I've had thanks to organ donation - the gift they've given is truly priceless and I'll be forever grateful. 


What I Wore #2

So it appears I have a kind of summer uniform thing going on but hey, if it ain't broke and all that. Although I probably do need to stop stockpiling summer dresses, as cute as they are and as wonderful as this weather is of late I'm sure that in a blink of an eye we'll all be back in our woolies!


Dress Kate Moss x Topshop via Mary's Living and Giving Shop Bag Charity Shop Shoes My mama's

An entirely thrifted outfit that's a reminder to self to check out the charity shops more (and my ma's closet!)


Jacket Primark (alternative here) Dress Mango (last year's, alternative here) Bag Charity Shop Shoes Converse

One of my all-time favourite dresses, I'm glad it looks just as cool dressed down with trainers as it does dolled up with heels because otherwise I'd never get the chance to wear it!


Dress Topshop (alternative here) Bag South Beach (alternative here) Shoes Adidas Gazelles

As you can clearly see this dress has shrunk a little in the wash, which is what I deserve for buying such a cheeky Reformation knock off. Either that or I'm in denial about how much ice cream I've been eating lately. But ice cream>fashion always.


Tee & Other Stories Shorts Topshop (old, alternative here) Bag Mulberry Shoes Topshop (old, alternative here)

Something super casj for a dog walk because my hangover wasn't Freddy's problem. 


Dress New Look (old, alternative here) Belt ASOS (old, alternative hereShoes Superga via Depop Bag South Beach (alternative here)

All year round I complain about having no boobs but when the mini heatwave arrives I feel #blessed because bras are not made for this weather. Not that any of us need to wear one at all, it's just I don't have to worry about them escaping out of anything if I don't. 


Dress Primark (alternative hereBag South Beach (alternative here) Shoes Superga via Depop

Just the day before I'd declared that I wasn't going to buy anymore summer dresses but I fell in love with this when I saw it and I won't let anyone, especially myself, get in the way of true love. 


Playsuit Topshop Bag Charity Shop Shoes My mama's

I'm still fully obsessed with this playsuit although I'll tell you it's definitely not the one for a festival/gig or anything else that requires you to pee in a hurry. The denim and pockets may be super practical but the buttons certainly aren't.

So I've been sticking to a pretty simple formula lately! I live for summer dressing though, I get so bored of coats and boots when it's cold. What about you? 


A Week in Pictures #1

Well, almost - it's six days, so it's near enough! Remember when everyone used to do these posts? I loved them, so thought I'd bring them back on here.

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