The World Of Anna Sui | Part Two

For my second installment of The World Of Anna Sui I think I'm gonna just get stuck in with the photos - it's very picture heavy but I hope you enjoy all the little details and thought that goes into each look as much as I did. If you missed Part One check it out here!

The upper gallery is based around Anna's collaborations such as those with James Coviello and Fran├žois Nars. You can see Coviello's horse which was modelled for the A/W 1998 show.

A Very Special Purchase

Liberty in London is one of my all time favourite stores and I just so happened to be in the area with a few hours to kill on the very day of my one year transplant anniversary. I popped in 'just to have a look' but ended up leaving with a purchase that is special in more ways than one...


Transplant - One Year On

Actually one year plus a bit more, but for someone who rambles a lot on here I was struggling to write this post. Also I try and keep the actual date quite vague for ethical reasons as I don't know anything about my donor or their family so it's out of respect for them. For those that are curious, as I've had a few people ask, I did send a letter a while back to the family which was really important to me as I wanted to thank them and let them know how grateful I am. I've yet to receive a reply but to be honest although it obviously would be lovely to know about them, if I never do that's ok as I could never ask them for anything more as they've given me so much already. They have given me, a total stranger, life. How bloody amazing is that? So for Organ Donation Week 2017 I really wanted to write a post celebrating that in honour of my donor and others who have given people like me a second chance of life as they're all total superheroes. You may wanna grab a cuppa and a snack too as this will be a long 'un but hey, it's Sunday! Hopefully you're doing nothing more than slobbing in your pyjamas and watching Sunday Brunch.


Postcards From Donegal - Ramelton & Rathmullen

For my first trip post transplant my mama and I went to Donegal in Ireland. It was recently voted #1 on National Geographic's 'Cool List', which I can vouch for because it's where my grandparents live and they are the coolest. The last time I went was three years ago and that was before transplant so it was great to see some family I'd not seen for ages! We visited most of the popular places, I find Donegal to be quite touristy on the whole as the scenery is beautiful, it has great beaches and the locals are really friendly so it's a popular destination for both visitors from abroad and the Irish themselves. But these places are so familiar to me so I thought I'd try and make it a little more personal. So I want to do a few posts on Donegal rather than one big post and also this way I can share more photos because I took a lot. First up, let's go to Ramelton and Rathmullan! We visited these places on the first day and were super lucky with the weather as it was so sunny and didn't rain (this is a big deal haha!)

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