CRAVING: Baker Boy Hats

I have dabbled with fedoras and I've stuffed a beanie on my head on many a cold Winter's night but when it comes to headwear I'm not very brave. Lately however I've been toying with the idea of a baker boy. Maybe it's my love of 1960's style, maybe it's my never ending quest to be Alexa Chung or maybe it's because I desperately need to hide my sunburnt scalp right now...whatever the reason, I want. Perfect to chuck on with jeans and a jumper to add just that little bit extra. I think it might look kinda cool now that my hair's longer and the way they're worn means my fringe will be safe from the dreaded hat hair. On the other hand, I may look like a total noob. The only thing to do is to try one on, if I can ever find one! I love the look of this H&M one, so I'll be keeping an eye out for that. 

Josie x


  1. I never really clicked those existed but it sounds like a great style idea and now I want one too :(
    or maybe I'm just also being influenced by Alexa Chung in too many levels

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  2. You would look so fabulous in a baker boy hat!! Please try one and let us know how it looks :)


  3. Ooooo...have never tried this hat before. Alexa sure does know how to rock it:)

  4. I'm never 100% about hats, but this style looks good! I once had a chocolate brown corduroy baker boy hat, but the less said about that the better.... haha xxx

  5. I actually think I still have mine from ten years ago...somewhere! Love these, they are so cute and tomboyish. Cant get over Alexa's lashes.

  6. Alexa is incredible. That 60s eyeliner/mascara is to die for.
    Ooh, love the idea of a baker boy hat... I've dabbled with 70s floppy styles and bowler hats, need to add one of these to my collection now! xx

  7. Great post! lovely photo and the hat is really awesome.

    Into The Blush, a Beauty Blog by Kenny.

  8. The hats are always awesome!

  9. You could pull anything off, I bet it will suit you loads :) I'm currently craving a full fringe of my own! Sounds like you had a lovely holiday Josie, perfectly relaxing xxx

  10. I'm going to follow your lead on this one, you know I love experimenting with hats!

    Tara xo

  11. You should definitely try have a certain 60's look yourself, so anything Alexa can do- you can do too!! I think they're such a refreshing change from the usual fedora or trilby and I can't wait to wear my riding style hat this winter :)

  12. I love baker boy hats. I have 3. I have a bit of a face for hats. x x


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