OUTFIT: Speckled

french connection speckled jumper, leather trousers
Jumper: c/o French Connection Trousers: Zara Shoes: Mango

Yep, my mirror is seriously in need of cleaning! Is it bad that I was kind of happy the weather cooled down a bit so I could wear leather and knitwear again? This is the gorgeous jumper that I featured in my last vlog, it was kindly sent to me from French Connection. I'd loved it for ages after I'd seen it featured on a couple of my favourite blogs that had collaborated with the brand, including Canned Fashion and What I Bought Today, it definitely has those Marant vibes that I love. It's really warm and quite heavy too, safe to say I'll be living in it this Winter!

I went Millwall yesterday. They lost so I went home and ate all of the cake that I bought from IKEA, the whole thing. I'd been saving it for sad times. While I'm on the subject of pigging out I wish some people wouldn't stick their noses in and tell me how I've put on too much weight. I could explain to them how keeping weight on is one of the best ways to fight off chest infections when you have CF and that since I've put on these few kilos I've not had to rely on my overnight feeds as much (I haven't had one for 2 weeks. 2 weeks!!!) I could tell them that since I was born I've battled with my appetite and keeping weight on and that I'm feeling so proud that for the first time ever I'm managing to do so and that it makes me feel normal and not like an ill person. I could tell them that for once in my life I have a healthy BMI and that my lung function has never been so good in years and years. But I don't, because I shouldn't have to explain myself. I instead tell them to go and concentrate on their own lives because they clearly need to sort themselves out if they think a person of my size is overweight. Crazy fools!

Josie x


  1. Who on earth would say that to you?! How awful of them. You're fab Josie <3 xxx

    1. Yeah WTF!! You look amazing! I love that jumper, think i will have to get it come payday! Xx

  2. Love this outfit :) Autumn clothing is my absolute favourite!
    Jumpers and jeans :3
    Issy x

  3. Argh, this angers me so much! You look absolutely lovely, Josie! It's better to be 'healthy' than underweight anyway for the physical reasons you have just stated! Not to mention how much more energy you have and that you actually LOOK like you're glowing. Fuck anyone who says that to you. It's not easy to ignore but health & happiness come first, trust me! P.S love the jumper! xxxxx

  4. First of all congrats for putting on a few kilos and maintaining a healthy body weight. You look incredible! I used to be quiet similar, I couldn't put on any weight and people used to question my health, then when I did manage to put weight on I'd be called ! Crazy world, you just can't win.
    Anyway, love this outfit loads. You always look so effortlessly chic x

  5. Well done for putting on weight! I'm in a slightly similar boat, always got told I'm really underweight and because my bmi was 17 and my height, the amount of stick I used to get for it when I was younger! Now I've put on a stone in 2 months, scary but everything's much better! Your room looks lovely too - from what I can see. Very jealous! You look lovely too, show them
    Where to stick it! Xo

  6. Lovely outfit Josie :) What an absolutely bawbag(say in Scottish accent for maximum effect) get them telt!(also say in Scottish accent for maximum effect)

    Water Painted Dreams

  7. Oh that sounds so annoying- guessing it's when people just jump to conclusions without knowing the full story? Well done for keeping the weight on though, you look great!
    I love your jumper, so excited for autumn! xx

  8. Can't believe the nerve of some people! The most important thing is that you're happy and healthy. I love your jumper, the black accent is so cute! x

  9. that sweater looks so cosy! :) xx

  10. Absolutely love the jumper!


  11. Hold on....people are telling you out on too much weight? Is their vision completely distorted? I would give them the directions to the optician. Seriously! You are looking so great and healthy Josie, you can afford to put so much more. Don't pay any mind to what anyone says. Adore the cute jumper and mix of textures.

  12. Bah! Those people are insane! Some people...SMH....
    And I do love that sweater:)

  13. Such a pretty sweater-perfect for fall! And I wouldn't give a crap about what people think of you... You look beautiful the way you are.
    Hugs & Kisses,

  14. I'm pretty glad that it's cooler now too, I can wear jeans without wanting to rip them off coz it's so hot! haha. Some people get well funny about other peoples weight and stuff, to be honest they should just butt out and not say anything! As long as you're happy as you are that's the main thing :) xxx

  15. Your jumper looks even more gorgeous on, Josie! I can't believe anyone would dare to tell you that you've put on too much weight, how could they! Most important is your health, and if you feel better for putting on weight then I'm so happy for you :) xxx p.s. I'm now craving Ikea cinnammon donuts!

  16. I've never commented before, but this post made me so angry that I had too, HOW can someone even say that to another person? It's ridiculous and, in this case, has not even the slightest of truth in it (not that it makes any difference, but still!). Some people....

    The jumper is gorgeous by the way! x

  17. You look great, If putting on weight is good for you and making your life easier how can someone say that to you? Well done putting it on and If you want to eat a whole Ikea cake then you go eat a whole Ikea cake! I love the jumper, It looks so snuggly and cosy and even manages to make the leather trousers look comfy.
    Rosalie x

  18. Thanks for your fashion input, I hope you have a great & productive week ahead.

  19. Why on earth would anyone say that to you?! Totally beyond me. I think it's great that you've gained a little weight and that it's made such an improvement to your health, well done you - you should be very proud!!

    That jumper is lovely, looks so warm and snuggly!!

    Sorry to hear Millwall lost :(



  20. I love the jumper :) and some people are ridiculous, ignore them. You look great and if putting on a few kilos means you're healthier then even better! xx

  21. Geez, you've gained too much weight? AS IF. Those haters can go do one! Yay for being healthier. :)

    That jumper is hooot, love it with those trousers too, I def need a similar pair for AW!


  22. I love that jumper, looks so cosy!!

    Julia xxx

  23. Such a gorgeous outfit, however it makes me want the colder weather, so I can cuddly up in a chunky knit. Your blog is stunning, now following :) xx



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