HAPPY FEET: Zara Block Heel Ballerina

Since I was pretty much stuck in bed yesterday (apart from a quick trip to Morrison's where I stocked up on essentials...ice cream, jelly, frozen yoghurt, Marshmallow Fluff) this meant I did a lot of browsing online. I came across these cute shoes on the Zara website, I've been on the lookout for a little pair of dolly shoes for a while now and these would do nicely. Despite the bargain price I won't be buying these since my next pair of shoes needs to be a decent pair of ankle boots because mine are all falling apart! Ideally I'd like to steal my Mum's pair but I think she'd be quite angry with me if I did that. I'll probably still post about them though because they're bee-yoo-tee-ful.


Josie x


  1. These are so lovely, I adore the little block heel! x

  2. They're lovely, I always love block heeled shoes! x

  3. I was looking at similar ones yesterday, such beauts and tres Chanel-esque!

    Tara xo

  4. Love these, I've always liked shiny black shoes with straps they're so girly and pretty! I deffo need some these in my life hahah xx

  5. These are so beautiful and classy! I have this paranoia that makes me only wear black shoes [otherwise I just think the shoes are dirty and get nervous] and it's so hard to find something that stands out like these..

    from isabela at fusels.com | bloglovin

  6. Oh, I love these! And such a bargain!

  7. I love , love , love these such a classic shoe choice

  8. Ooh I love these, the heel is perfect and such a great price too. Zara just get it SO right all the time. I'm banning myself from purchasing them too though because like you, I'm in need of some decent boots which will be far more practical!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  9. What a lovely header you have! Great blog love x
    Maria xx

  10. Poor poorly you :(

    Cute shoes, they would look AWFUL on me though!!



  11. Oh my gosh they're adorable! I used to have shoes like this when I was at school :D xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  12. They're so cute & Chanel-esque! Whenever I see shoes like this they make me want to go all Wednesday Addams with a little shirt dress & dolly shoes, but I think I would just look like a massive walking cliche! Hah!
    Also, Marshmallow Fluff is definitely an essential! It literally made my year to learn the supermarkets now stock it here! Now they just need to get Lucky Charms back and Baconnaise... :D

  13. These are the loveliest pair of mary-janes, I like the classic look of them. Wait, hold, on...marshmallow fluff! Do they import to SA?? We don't have such sweet luxuries here.

  14. Oh pretty!! I love these :) I've been searching for an ankle boot lately too, I want something a little more formal than last year's brown leather studded pair (though I'll still wear them because they are so comfy!!). I've got my eye on all the new black chelsea boots as I never got a pair the first time round! xxx

  15. Vintage feel robesdemariee2013.com


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