TREND: The Pink Coat

zara pink coat
Coat: Zara

Meet my new baby! These days I pay less attention to trends than I used to but I had really fallen for the idea of a powder pink coat. It was love at first sight with this and although the weather is still warm it was one of those ones I had to grab quickly because it's sure to be a sell-out. I'm not a huge wearer of colour but I will always make an exception for pink and although this shape is lot more princessy than my usual oversized coats it's kinda nice feeling like K-Middy! At £79.99 it was quite an investment buy but I think I'm going to be getting a lot of wear out of's such an easy way to update your wardrobe for A/W13. I plan on wearing this with pale neutrals like above, I think it'll make a refreshing change instead of the typical dark, wintery shades. It also looks gorgeous with oxblood/wine/burgundy/whatever you wanna call it and it'll add a lift to my favourite all black outfits too. Winter, I'm ready for ya!*

Josie x
*I kid, I really ain't so please don't come too soon!


  1. Oh my goodness it's lovely! Can't wait to see this in an OOTD... I've been loving the pink coat look, but I might hold off on this trend as I do already have a pink jacket... Ooh but the temptation might prove too much! xx

  2. You're going to look absolutely gorgeous in this Josie! I tried it on but it just wasn't me, but I know you're going to look soo pretty in it, you could pull anything off. I love Winter, I'm craving my long sleeves, layers and knitwear! xxx

  3. V. v. v. jealous!! I reckon it's going to be a sell -out here's hoping Primark make a dupe ASAP. I cannot wait to see how you style it- I can imagine it looks wonderful with oxblood though.

  4. Eeep, I love it!! You're going to look amazing in this. I love how you mostly buy investment pieces, it's something I need to keep doing! As Viv once said, 'Buy less, choose well.' YES.

    Tara xo

  5. Oh my gosh this is so pretty! I love it! :)

  6. I'm in love with the pink trend!

  7. Love this Josie! The colour is amazing, I might have to use this coat in an illustration because I love it so much! xxx

  8. I think everyone will be wearing pink coat this winter! I bought mine is summer sales(!) from asos. Kind of looking forward to wearing it.
    Adela x

  9. Love love love this coat! Such a great colour. Great addition to your wardrobe, Josie:)

  10. What a blimmin' babe of a coat?!?! I love looking for my winter coat, even though it becomes the bane of my life!
    Hope it doesn't become 'coat weather' too soon!

  11. Gorgeous coat, it'll look great on you.


  12. such a gorgeous coat, i love the colour! it's so unique, i rarely see people wearing pinks like this and yet it's freaking awesome

    from isabela at | bloglovin

  13. I am in love! This is the coat for a-w 2013, deffo gunna sell out so it was totally acceptable buying it now. So can't wait to see how you style this in winter! Can just imagine it with white skinnies and icy tones.

    Anna xx

  14. Swooning over this gorgeous coat, love the pretty colour, its going to look amazing on you J! Thanks for your lovely words on my last post!

  15. This is a gorgeous coat!
    I found out about this trend from a while back, it's such a cute colour for autumn! Different from the usual burgundys and greys!


    My latest blog post about the Bourjois Bronzing Cream

  16. Seeing as it's oversized what size did you get? It really is a beaut!

    1. Hiya, I got a medium so I could layer thick knits under it! xxx

  17. Can't wait to see how you style it! You can def pull it off, I'd just look like candyfloss! haha Bring on winter :) xxx

  18. I am so envious, I need this in my life! x

  19. oh my - the coat is b-e-autiful!

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    Grace X

  20. Ah this is amazing! :)
    x x

  21. Ohh this is so so lovely. I really need to invest in a decent winter coat, this is defs going on my list of possibilities! xx

  22. great buy Josie! I have a pink coat in the same hue and I plan to wear it with Oxblood like you suggest.

    Looking forward to seeing how you style it

    Sophie x

  23. That coat is beautiful, I can't wait for A/W dressing!

    Julia xxx

  24. What a gorgeous coat!!! I LOVE the colour, it's sooo pretty xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  25. oooh hello, what a lovely coat.. Zara do some great ones so might have to go there for my next winter coat!xx

  26. Lovely coat! and I like the bag.


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