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asos baker boy felt cap, whistles edie top, h&m denim skirt, topshop monument2 loafers
asos baker boy felt cap, whistles edie top
asos baker boy felt cap, whistles edie top, h&m denim skirt, topshop monument2 loafers, asos coat
Hat: ASOS Coat: ASOS Jumper: Whistles Skirt: H&M Shoes: Topshop

My goodness, these photos came out awful! Do you remember when I had a longing for a baker boy hat? Ummm, whaddya mean you don't? Anyway, I gots one! Bought this off of ASOS after the H&M one was too small for my bighead. I'm not sure if it makes my head look huge, Mojo Jojo style, but I'm kinda liking it. Truth be told I only bought one because that lovely girl Trini wears one and well...I just want to be her, really. But I don't think I look like her in this, I think I look like an old skool train driver. Still it's become my new obsession, hats make an outfit so much better. Where HAT you been all my li-i-i-i-i-i-i-ife (sorry. That's in tune to that Ri-Ri song if you were confused.)  You can buy my new best friend here.

Oh, don't you think I need a navy coat to go with this? I know, I do don't I? I want this, isn't it an absolute bargain too?

Josie x



  1. Stop making me want to buy coats! x

  2. You look so cute in that hat! I can't see the coat you want because the blaady H&M site is down for maintenance but, yes, you probably do need it ;) xx

  3. You so don't look like Mojo Jojo! x

  4. HUZZAH. So glad you got one, it looks cuuuute! I'm afraid you do need a navy coat. Do the right thing Josie. ;)

    Tara xo

  5. Ooh you found the perfect hat! I love it, it's so cute! Love your phone case as well xx

  6. Cute outfit xx
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  7. That hat really looks good on you:) Yay ASOS. I tried one awhile back and that style just does not suit me....booo:(

  8. I love your hat! And the stripes, your ensemble today is very Edie Sedgwick. And you can't go wrong with a navy coat, ever, really. <3

    Sarah-Jane xo

  9. Loves this stunningly cute hat and it suits you really well! Would mind one too. Happy Tuesday!

  10. Haha I think it looks cute!


  11. Yaya you finally got one ! I love this hat on are the queen of hats :) You look like you fell straight out of a 60's mod movie in the last photo !xxx

  12. I love that hat on you. You look darling in it.


  13. That hat really suits you! I'd never be able to pull that off! Also you should definitely get the navy coat, it's lovely :) xx

  14. I love that hat, really suits you! Lovely outfit

    Julia xxx

  15. mojo jojo hahahah I remember him! You definitely do not have a big head! the hat looks really nice, I'm well jealous because my face is so round that I look like a decorated bowling :( lol xx

  16. Great outfit!
    Love this post :)


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  17. old school train driver works for me! It's pretty cool and nice to experiment isn't it. I wear hats these days, not got much hair left.


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