FASHION | Goodbye Mango Coat :'(

Coat - Mango | Jumper - Uniqlo Men's | Denim - Monki | Sneakers - New Balance | Bag - Mulberry | Scarf - Primark

Hallo! How are ya? And me? I am in a strange, strange mood, thank you very much for that IVs. I'm on this drug called Meropenem and it's definitely doing odd things to me. The first few days were evil, I could hardly move my body and was getting migraines and all sorts. That's all gone now but it's still messing with my mind a lot! I usually become really upset and depressed and heavy hearted about one thing when I'm on this drug and can't stop thinking about it, it's so strange. Sometimes it's something ridiculous like the fact Luella went bust (pathetic true story.) This time I can't stop thinking about the people with CF who are really ill right now on oxygen and having to think about things like lung transplants. I always think it's unfair but because of this drug I'm on it's literally taken over my thoughts. It's that time of year where everyone is getting colds and usually I just ignore all the people who don't shut up moaning about it because if I didn't have CF I wouldn't have the perspective I have and would probably be equally as moany. But this time I'm getting so pissed off at all the statuses and tweets and conversations from people whining and there's this one kid on Facebook in particular who annoyed me. He's at uni and got Fresher's Flu and you would actually think he's dying. I actually cried last night I was so annoyed because I was thinking about all the CF people who are so very ill and there's this div with a cold who just doesn't realise how lucky he his. Total overreaction from me or what?! But that's meropenem for you, can't wait for it to be over so I can get out of this ridiculous mood! I hate feeling miserable because it just makes me feel ungrateful about my life which makes me feel like the kind of moany people that I really dislike. Aye-aye-ayeeeeeee.

Sorry about that little ramble, long time visitors will know I like a little CF ramble now and then haha! Talking of tearfulness, this may be the last time you will ever see this coat on the blog...I've had it over a year and loved and worn it to death so it was time for a replacement, which I'm sure will pop up on the blog soon enough! Goodbye Mango coat, we've had some good times :')

Josie x


  1. Oh Josie! I don't really use FB but I do often post silly tweets without thinking (although I rarely get a cold) - I totally understand why it would annoy you!! I hope you start to get better soon and the emoshness dies down. <3

    Waaaaah, I tried a coat on like this one the other day and it looked so awful on me! I wish I was chic like you haha. Goodbye!

    Tara xo

  2. Ramble away, Josie. We've all felt like this some time or the other, and that's without Meropenem! (((hugs))) I remember a long time ago when someone I loved dearly was dying of cancer, and every time I would hear someone complain about something so mundane, I just felt like punching that person. I totally get where you're coming from.
    Goodblye, Mango coat.

  3. Ramble all you like lovely <3
    Bye bye to the Mango coat, does it want to come and join my wardrobe graveyard (aka be re-loved?!) haha xx

  4. get well soon! I totally get where you're coming from. life is so unfair.

    lovely outfit! and goodbye lovely mango coat xx

  5. Aw I hope you're feeling better soon Josie, how much longer are you on the IVs? And nooooo not the Mango coat :(

    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  6. Ah man, hope you feel better soon! I know what you mean about people moaning, they don't know what being ill is really like! Bye Bye Mango coat :( xxx

  7. Aww lots of love to you Josie <3 Your frustration is totally understandable, in this day and age people seem to moan for absolutely no reason at all sometimes!
    Just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award lovely xo

    Sophie xo

  8. Love the new balance! Can't wait to see the new coat either. Hope youre feeling a bit more like yourself soon!

    Julia xx

  9. I hope you're feeling slightly less emotional soon lovely, but the way you're feeling is totally understandable. I worry about people that are ill and such all the time, ever since my dad had cancer and sadly passed away I feel like I have empathy for the whole world and all the illnesses in it. Sometimes I have days where I get sad about people that are ill that I don't even know or that don't even exist (like on the TV), and I'm not even ill! Some people are worriers I think, and it's good to have some empathy and compassion - it makes you a good person I'd say! When I see statuses or posts on FB that I don't like, I just click the little 'hide this' button thing and it disappears :) you need some feel good movies/TV shows and a heap of yummy food Josie! Goodbye to the gorgeous Mango coat, can't wait to meet the replacement :) xxx

  10. Sending LOTS of love your way right now sweet lady!

    Sometimes I get frustrated with those who complain they have the worst flu ever when really it's just a cold that will go away in a few days. I had a friend with CF in Primary School who very sadly lost her battle when she was far too young, I still remember the day our class was told what had happened incredibly clearly and I vowed from that day that I would be grateful every single day for being lucky enough to just be here. Sometimes I have my meh days and find myself complaining about silly things (not having enough milk for my cup of tea, having a sore throat, looking in the mirror and seeing the most enormous spot exploding from my chin) but I try and snap myself out of it very quickly!

    I hope you start feeling better very soon, thinking of you <3 <3

  11. Aaww bless you! I hope you feel better soon (and I hope that guy on Facebook stops moaning haha) xx

  12. Oh I hope you feel better soon! It sounds awful, but you still manage to look wonderful :) xx

  13. Please feel better soon Josie :( Sending lots of love and hugs your way :)


  14. Aw no, hope you feel better soon Josie and are able to get rid of those nasty IV monsters! I've always loved this Mango coat, looking forward to seeing it's replacement though, I'm sure it will be as equally amazing :) xx

  15. Ah man, I hope you start to feel better soon lovely. I have to admit, I turn into one of those moody people when I have a sore throat - what a baby eh! I take a truck load of zinc now to make sure I don't catch a cold aha. <3 Take it easy <3 xxx

  16. I've always been one of those super over emotional people! When my gran got ill, I remember I must have spent a good few weeks just laying awake at night crying & getting upset, I didn't even know what exactly I was upset about & I just couldn't snap out of it! It's horrible when you get into one of those moods. But I think everyone gets like that sometimes, so don't be hard on yourself for feeling like that... besides, people DO moan waay too much about stupid things, they don't know how lucky they are. I think it's one of the main reasons I don't use facebook much anymore! I hope you're feeling better & off them soon though!
    Sad to see the Mango coat go, but looking forward to seeing it's replacement! :D

  17. I know exactly what you mean Josie, its terribly annoying when people act like the world is coming to an end because they have stuffy nose and a meagre cough. These folks need to walk up and be thankful that its only a cold and nothing more serious. Thats why I admire you so much, you have the most positive attitude, don't let anyone or anything take that away from you

  18. Always so jealous of how you make New Balance trainers so stylish ! It will be a shame to say goodbye to the Mango coat...but as you get rid of one coat, that means there is room for one more coat haha :)

    Sorry to hear that you are still feeling unwell lovely, I can imagine how annoying it is to hear all about 'man flu' and freshers flu when you're feeling so rubbish. Sending good health vibes your way!

  19. just catching up with your blog, hope you're feeling a lot better now :( xx


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