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Zara Pink Coat, H&M Navy Roll Neck, Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Jeans, ASOS ALFASA Boots
Coat Zara Jumper H&M Jeans Uniqlo Boots ASOS

The pink coat (and me of course, hiiii!) Sorry if you're getting sick of it, I'm not though. I just can't get enough. This is also the first time I have worn a polo neck, usually I find them really irritating but last winter I saw photos of Elin Kling and Daisy wearing these gorgeous mustard ones and they looked so chic (totally had to stalk through their blogs to find those links, but it was fun because their blogs are the bomb! Massively inspiring if you're in need of some inspiration) but I was boring and went for navy. At only £14.99 I might be brave and treat myself to a more daring colour though! Also getting their blog debut are my new boots but they're so special I reckon they deserve a post of their own.

Look at me, rambling on about my outfit and I didn't even mention Ireland and the wedding! It was loads of fun, the day was perfect and everyone, especially the bride, looked beautiful. The whole trip was lovely although I caught some sickness bug so I think I left my mark all over Donegal (I'm so sorry Donegal. And I'm sorry to anyone reading this for that lovely image.) Because of this and the fact Ireland makes me feel even more lazy than my usual self I didn't take any photos but I nicked a pic of me looking awkward off of Facebook to show you my wedding outfit.

Dress Lavish Alice via ASOS (of course paired with the pink coat!)

I hope you're well! I'm off to catch up on blog reading now...201 blog posts to read on bloglovin'! Better get started...

Josie x


  1. It sounds amazing! I've missed you and your lovely coat :)
    P.S. You look lovely in that adorable dress! Very Alexa! xx

  2. That pink coat is gorgeous!

  3. Hello lovely! You look gorgeous in both outfits, really love your wedding outfit - dress added to save list :) I have a love hate relationship with polo necks, I love how they look (like under your pink coat, so nice!) but hate how they feel on my neck! Hope you're feeling better now xxx

    1. P.S. I emailed you about your giveaway prize, I hope you got it :) x

  4. Hey Josie! Good to see you back:D Love that ASOS dress. Sorry to hear you got sick, but hey, at least, you still look good:)

  5. I love that pink coat! Wear it as much as you want :)

  6. That pink coat is beyond gorgeous <3 <3

  7. Haha, great title Josie! I for one am not tired of that pink coat so.

  8. I will never be over this coat. That is all.

  9. I love the way navy looks with pale pink, and your collared dress is so cute! xx

  10. Mooie winterjas! Vooral van kleur! XO

    p.s. op mijn blog valt €25,- shop tegoed te winnen! klik hier!

  11. You really suit polo necks! Your wedding outfit is lovely too, shame about the sickness though!

    Julia xxx

  12. I love your hair!
    Thanks a lot for your sweet comment.
    x Hannah

  13. I love the collared dress! Reminds me of one Topshop is selling at the moment which I ordered thinking I could be Wednesday Addams for Halloween but my order STILL hasn't arrived yet... so maybe I'll be going as someone else... haha! x x

  14. So obsessed with that Zara coat! The pale pink is perfect!

    ox from NYC!


  15. Josie I completely disagree with you, your pink coat (which I will never get enough of) is screaming classy!!!!! f you want to include it in every post, that is fine by me. I know what you mean about the nails though it is like "Ooooh look at my fancy dark nail, I am just so sophisticated with my black coffee reading a newspaper on the balcony type thing" :-p

    I am glad you had a lovely wedding. Your outfit is cute, sorry you were poorly :-(

    I will be sure to pass on the internet dating to my friend. I think she needs a bit of positivity over it, men are wierdos.


  16. SO Pretty!!!! <3

    come check out my latest post,

  17. I'm surprised by how much I love your coat, I'm not a pink person but I don't get bored of seeing it! I really like your wedding outfit too :) xx

  18. I could never tire of this coat, its pink perfection and alway looks terrifically chic. You look so beautiful in your black ensemble Josie. Hope you enjoyed the wedding. Thanks for your great comment, Happy Friday hun!

  19. I've missed youuuu. That LA dress is delicious and so you! As if Is get bored of THE coat. <3

    Tara xo


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