FASHION | 'It's Like You're My Mirrrrrror'

 Coat - Matalan | Tee - ASOS Petite | Skirt - ASOS | Shoes - New Look
And here's a dodgy photo of my chin that's meant to show you my little skull on my nail and my Etsy necklace. Enjoy!

Hello! You alllllrite? I finally found my camera charger so I thought that maybe my photos might improve now that I don't have to take them with an iPhone.

But they didn't.

You know it may possibly help if I cleaned my mirror, I bet things would be a lot clearer. I just hate cleaning mirrors though, I have to do it at work (FML) so just can't face it at home. Even though they really need it now because my baby cousins came round and were doing that thing where little kids try to eat their own reflection. WHY THEY ALL DO THIS?

And for those of you who are getting pink coat withdrawals (ummm, I don't think that's anybody) FEAR NOT, it'll be back soon. And I'll be showing you my new coat when it arrives and if it fits (ooooh I know you're just dying to see it. Or not.)

P.S. I'm still really, really hyper from these medicines.

Josie x


  1. This coat is getting me over any pink coat withdrawals at the moment, love it so much! x

  2. you look gorgeous! the coat is wonderful <3

  3. That skull in your nail=awesome!
    *whispers* I don't clean our mirrors too.

  4. Josie you make me want to buy a leather skirt and never take it off, everytime I see yours! You look so amazing in it, I forget how unflattering skirts really are on me haha. Ooh another new coat, I am totally excited to see it, I love coats! Haha sad or not, birds are too intriguing to not watch! I think I could actually be a birdwatcher, I just need an anorak and some binoculars..! xxx p.s. I'm still going to look on Asos at the leather mini skirts!

    1. p.p.s. Your illustration is ready lovely (has been for a little while) but I didn't realise I needed to replace some inks, so I bought a new set at the weekend and hopefully they'll arrive tomorrow so I can get your notebook done too :) I'll pop you an email once they're ready so I can post them out! x

  5. I'm going in search of this coat once I've been paid. Every time you post it I squirm with how lovely it is! Also, completely my inspiration for tomorrows outfit - leather skirt, grey tee, loafers! x

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  7. ah i love the necklace, very dogeared karma.
    can i ask you a rather unrelated question...what's your mirror? is a wardrobe sliding door if so where is it from?! i'm after one for mine and my boyfriends room and this looks huge and lovely.

  8. dying to see your new coat! I've really been wanting a pencil skirt recently. But all I can find are those huggy jersey ones! Love yours gimme.

  9. Another coat? Girl you have a problem! ;) this might sound weird but when I first spotted this post on Bloglovin' it kinda looked like you were wearing a huge white net tutu but it's just your bed...Bahahaha! I still want this skirt but I fear I have too much bootay.

    Tara xo

  10. Ohhh my gosh, every time I see that coat I love it more! Also your nails are awesome! xx

  11. Love the leather skirt! You can never have too many coats I say!
    Daniella x

  12. Such a gorgeous look, I adore each and every one of your looks, for being so simple, yet so chic and effective!

  13. Love this!
    Your nails are so cool! I'm facing the same problem as you,
    a combination of not cleaning my mirrors and having to take all of my photo's on my iphone!
    Instagram has been great for it though!


  14. You really do have an awesome selection of coats Josie! I saw your new one on Twitter and that looks lovely too! xxx

  15. Oooh, love those nails, so pretty <3 The skirt is perfect too :-)

    Sophie xox

  16. Love the manicure, that shade of red is Halloween perfect, so is the cute skull, this skirt is amazing on you and highlights your terrific silhouette.

  17. you look AMAZING and i totally fell in love with your blog! i followed you!



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