I'm gonna miss this little tree when Christmas is over! 

 I swear next year I'm just dumping everything in gift bags, wrapping is the worst chore! Although I'm happy I managed to get this done without spending too much and I think it looks kinda cute. Brown paper costs nothing and this year I waited til last minute to get all the ribbon and things, I usually rush to get it as soon as December hits and it costs a fortune. But it all goes half price just before the big day so I got them all cheaply, CLEVER ME!
I don't know what to wear tomorrow, Christmas Day for me isn't really a time to dress up...if anything it's an excuse to slob out in my comfiest jimjams (as if I needed an excuse!) But I'll definitely have the Crimbo socks on, these were a present from my friend and they're perfect! Christmas doggies, what could be better?

Finally here is my actual Christmas doggy, he's feeling better now I think. It's hard to leave presents under the tree because he thinks they're all for him but he'll get his own tomorrow's a bit of a liberty really because he never bloody buys me anything! Today is actually a month til his birthday, he'll get more presents then. And presents in April to mark the day we got him. And presents in between, every week, just because. Everyday is Christmas for this dog!

Well Merry Christmas from me and Freddy! Hope you have lovely days, whether you celebrate it or not you'll probably have a day off work which is always good!  (If not, er, sorry. Poor you.) 

Josie x



  1. I hate wrapping presents. In my mind they look great, in reality...not so! x

  2. Your wrapping is so cute! I enjoy doing it though, though I wish I'd used brown paper now, yours look amazing xx

  3. Merry Christmas to you and freddy too! I love the little stamps on your presents :)
    Daniella x

  4. - Merry Christmas to you girl :) I like your socks !


  5. Merry Christmas Josie & Freddy dog! <3 I love brown paper on presents, it looks so simple but stylish.

    Tara xo

  6. Merry Christmas to you and Freddy:) Good to hear he's better.
    And OMG! I love your brown paper idea.

  7. Aww bless Freddy! I've been wearing all my Christmas socks since the beginning of December.... haha Have a good Christmas lovely! xxx

  8. I love the way you've wrapped the presents :) Merry Christmas! xx

  9. That wrapping is so cute, love the little stamps! Have an amazing christmas Josie

    Julia xxx

  10. Major love for your little tree!! And the wrapping is simply adorable, wish I'd done brown paper wrapping this year. Merry Christmas Josie, hope you and Freddy get lots of lovely gifts and have a great day xxx

  11. wow, I love the gift wrapping idea :)
    ★ blog

  12. Aww love your Freddy, he is the cutest dog I have ever seen!

    Christmas Day I usually like to dress up but this year I was a total slob haha.. must say was quite nice not to make the effort!

    Hope it was a wonderful Christmas for you Josie & you got lots of lovely presents <3

    Sophie xo soinspo

  13. Love the name stamps - such a cute idea! Hope you had a great christmas.

    Alice x


  14. Merry Xmas darling and to little doggy too :3 xx

  15. Merry Christmas to you Josie and I hope you had a wonderful boxing day too! Your little tree is so cute :) if it were me I'd keep it up all year round!! I agree with you on Christmas being a day to slob out in comfy PJs - I certainly did that for the majority of the day, and even when I got dressed it was into jeans and a comfy no hassle breton. Your wrapping is so sweet, I love that you went to the effort of stamping each person's name on! I was so fed up of wrapping by the time I'd finished I swore I'd just buy gift bags next year too haha. I'm so glad Freddy is feeling better now lovely, and I hope he enjoyed Christmas too! Lucky Freddy having his birthday after Christmas, I always think after all the excitement of Christmas and New Year it's a little bit sad when it's all over and there's nothing to look forward to (a great excuse to book a holiday if we weren't all so poor afterwards I'd say!) xxx

  16. Hello, just I met your blog!! nice to meet you :)
    Nice pics and I wish you amazing holidays. Hope enjoy these days!

  17. Btw im a new follower on Twitter <3

  18. I love these pretty wrapped gifts! And your socks are adorable!

    Xo, Hannah

  19. I just found your blog. It's very nice, keep it up!

    Andera |

  20. Such a cutie tree. Gift wrapping at any time of the year is bag, I just pop everything into gift bags now. Adore those socks and happy to hear Freddy is feeling better. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend hun!


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