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Coat - Zara | Jumper - Uniqlo | Denim - Next | Shoes - New Look

LOL dunno why in all the pics I took my legs were so weird, I think I was trying to show off my shoes or something. Whatever the reason, what a fail. 

This is my favourite outfit right now, as simple as always but I hope the mini beehive and cat flicks adds a lil something to stop it being too boring! My style isn't very exciting at all but I get more happiness out of a perfect black sweater then something funky but on trend. Plus it's a satisfaction that lasts longer than one season, I know that for me personally I'd rather have a wardrobe of classic pieces that I love for years over a closet full of things that I'm bored of within a few months, if that. And who can afford to keep up with it all anyway? Not meeee :'( 

I now own four of these Uniqlo cotton cashmere jumpers, working in the men's department is actually more dangerous for my bank account than the women's as I think their menswear is the perfect place to buy basics. I regretted not getting these in black or navy last year so as soon as they came back in stock this season I snapped them up, they're just everything I want in a jumper. Lovely, warm material that washes well, a high neck and a perfect price point (made even better with a pretty generous staff discount!) I wish I owned a dark grey one too, I'm seriously tempted to get it. I'm so fussy with basics (why are simple things so hard to get right?) so when I find something perfect I tend to buy it in lots of colours. 

The jeans are also new, they're relaxed skinnies which is a slight change to my usual! I really wanted this pair from Frame Denim but I gotta say these are brilliant alternatives for £200 less. I love boyfriend jeans but they look rubbish on me unless I'm wearing a heel which I rarely do so the slightly baggy fit of these is better for me. 

This week has absolutely flown by, it's been a bit hectic I guess...I haven't even turned on the laptop, got so much blog reading to do! I've been catching up with different friends I haven't seen in the longest time (isn't it weird how you don't see people for ages and then you see them all at once!), getting ready for Christmas and I also started IVs last a post on those coming up because I think it'd be good to properly explain them seeing as I bang on about them enough on here. 

Hope you're well! Are you ready for Christmas?

Josie x


  1. I don't even own a pair of jeans because I find them so disagreeable, but you look so chic in yours! I adore your shoes as well, which look great with the pants. :) xoxo

  2. I can see why you like this outfit, Josie. Love that jumper.

  3. Your shoes are the cutest and I'm obsessed with your hair and make up here, absolutely gorgeous! xx

  4. I need some basic plain jumpers, I think I'll give Uniqlo a go!

    Claudia xxx

  5. I've never had Next jeans before, but these look good! Your shoes are sooo cute! xx

  6. You look so pretty in these pics Josie & the beehive style is beautiful on you!

    I think basics and staples are the way to go, they add so much to an outfit and withstand all the rubbishy trends that usually amount to nothing! <3

    Sophie xox soinspo

  7. Josie - lovin the hair here!


  8. love the colour of your jeans and the shoes! I'm not ready for Christmas at all, it's crept up so fast it's unreal!

    lucy xx

  9. hello hun..cute outfit... wanna follow each other? just tell me if u follow me, then i'll follow u back immediatley.


  10. I love your shoes and coat the most. For once I am ready for Christmas. All the shopping is done...Usually I am so last minute and wouldn't have even started by now.

  11. I love the shoes and the coat! Looking gorgeous

  12. I love the hair and make-up (and outfit, of course!) too-it reminds me of Suki Waterhouse's cover on the current Elle :) Hope you've had fun catching up and good luck the IVs!

  13. You do inspire me to buy classics Josie, I need to buy more investment pieces (like your Mulbs - obvio). Your jumper sounds so soft!

    Tara xo

  14. You can never have too many cashmere jumpers! Oh and I totally agree. Menswear is definitely the way forward! x x

  15. Great Post!
    i follow you now on GFC & Bloglovin:-)
    Hope you follow back♥

  16. Love it! So chic :)

    x Maria
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    featuring my new retro dress

  17. You look so lovely! those shoes are so cute

    Julia xxx

  18. This is impeccably chic Josie, your hair looks so elegantly done!

  19. I'm loving the jumper- can't believe it's from the men's dept!
    Daniella x

  20. Very cute shoes Josie. You are such a 1960s doll!

    Sophie x

  21. Wow I absolutely love this look! Those shoes are so adorable. Can't believe that cute sweater is men's!


  22. I love the coat!! This whole look is gorgeous :-) xxx

  23. That jumper looks so comfy! And I am loving those shoes :)


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