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Jumper - Daisy Street | Denim - H&M | Shoes - Mango

Yep, I know my outfits posts are rather samey but frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. If I could wear this jumper every day, I would...actually I do, my baaad. But you know, if I'm going to spend my money on something then I wanna make sure it's on something that I love and appreciate (even if this jumper did cost less than £20!) What can I say, I like to get my money's worth. I have definitely been guilty in the past of buying pieces simply because a magazine said it was 'bang on trend' (worst phrase ever) or because of blogger hype, it got worse when I started my own blog. However this year I've definitely become less wasteful when it comes to clothes shopping and I think my style has become much more refined although I've still gotten waylaid now and then. I have a post on this coming up some other time!

But the subject of today? I did my hurrr big and I like it! It's strange how a boost in your hair can boost up your whole mood...I'm so late to the game but maybe those TOWIE girls have actually been onto something this whole time. I hope you had a happy Christmas, I definitely did. Family, food and fun (and gifts too, was gonna do a post on mine but then I thought about it and realised they'll probably pop up on the blog soon enough anyway so that's saved myself a lot of effort...I know, I'm a lazy girl.) I will hopefully try and post a bit more on here, my IVs finished on Boxing Day (woo!) but I've had migraines for about a week now so I've barely turned on the laptop. Can't wait to catch up with everyone's blogs!
Josie x



  1. Ah, your hair looks so pretty! It's weird but I was just searching for some new simple hair styles. I don't know if I can master this, my hair is a total pain! I hope your head is feeling better, I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas. :) <3

    Tara xo

  2. LMAO. Josie, you're too funny:D I do love that big hair on you. And I'd wear that jumper all the time too if I have it. I might try to knit something like this:)
    BTW, I buy a lot of stuff from magazine recommendations...sigh....

  3. This really suits you Josie! <3 I love that you switch it up with your different hairstyles, I wish I could achieve these but quite frankly I'm a bit of a numpty when it comes to experimenting; I bought one of those doughnut bun things that everyone seems to do so easily & I couldn't even master that, oh the shame ha ha!

    I always love to read your outfit posts and never find them samey; if anything, the opposite x

    Glad you had a lovely Christmas. Hope those horrible migraines go away for you hun!

    Sophie xo

  4. I love your bangs. I'm so jealous of the gorgeous texture of your hair!


  5. Love your hair!

    Claudia xxx

  6. Your hair looks absolutely amazing like this Jose, love it!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  7. Love your hair like that Josie- looks beautiful! Glad you had a fun Christmas!

  8. I love your hair like this, it really suits you! xx

  9. I wish my hair would do this! Gorgeous girl x

  10. eee love you hair, looks fabulous! So pleased that you finished your IVs & I hope those pesky migraines disappear very soon!

    Jennie xo |

  11. LOVE the effortless simplicity of that jumper! So cosy as well. You're not samey, you're consistent!
    Love your hair as well, wish I could do that, should try it! xx

  12. I love your whole style - it's so classic. May try this hairstyle out, although it'll probably end up a masshoosive mess anyway! haha xxx

  13. I usually wear the same sweater for many days at a time, I can't help it. It's not my fault the are so damn cozy!! Your hair looks excellent, I'd try it but I'm a bit lazy with my hair and it would probably look ridiculous on me. :P

    best wishes

  14. Your hair looks AMAZING. I've always wanted to try a beehive, you've inspired me to get on it :D

  15. - Cool look, lovely pictures girl :)


  16. Loving the beehive my dear. I do this from time to time and everytime I do it I feel like I look so much more done up! Loving the new header too xx

  17. I love that sweater! No wonder you've been wearing it everyday, it's just fab. Also love your hair! I wish I could get my hair that big but it's just so fine.

    xo, alison*elle

  18. I love your hair! I could never get mine to be that pouf! haha :) xx

  19. To be honest my wardrobe has pretty much consisted of lots of fleecy pyjamas so you've done better than me by actually putting a jumper on ha ha! Love your hair like this, you look lovely! Hope you had a great christmas :) xx

  20. I hope you're back in good health.
    Your hair looks amazing like this, really suits you! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  21. happy new year Josie!
    hope you had a good xmas, sorry to hear you were on IVs again :( but glad you're off them again and hopefully feeling better!
    your hair looks sooooo nice like this! I love this style but it doesn't really suit me :( so annoying because that 60s beehive look is my favourite
    thanks for the advice for getting on a plane :) I will deffo be taking a book or something with me, but got a feeling that a vodka or two will help me the most ahahah xx


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