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As if I should be shopping right now but I did anyway. But I guess life is too short and all that right? ;) 

First up, what I bought on holiday. Not much, but they're real good.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour in La Favorite Review
Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour in La Favorite Review

Chloé Eau de Parfum, which was a's like tradition to buy it every time I go away. There's not many fragrances I like but I adore the rose scent and how it lasts for ages too. And then I had some left over money so I got Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour in La Favorite because I can't save my Euros for some reason, I have to spend every last cent. Anyone else like that? Anyway it's a gorgeous coral shade that's not too dissimilar to Gay Geranium by No7  but I much prefer this formula - matte without being at all drying, plus it stays on the lips forever. It's not looking too good on me at the moment because stupid me sunburnt my lips but when they're mended I think it'll look pretty on. I know Chanel lipsticks are pricey but I rarely buy make up so for me they're worth the splurge because as well as being top quality the packaging is beautiful. Plus the *click* when you open them is the most satisfying sound. (Check out my review of La Fascinante here!)

White Cheesecloth Embroidered Boho Blouse

The picture isn't very good but the detail on this top is beautiful, I picked it up in this cute little store that I think was called Natura. It's a really light, cheesecloth material and has been my absolute go-to in this gorgeous weather we've been having. When things cool down a bit I can't wait to wear it with a leather jacket and some boots.

Then when I got back I had a serious case of post-holiday blues so did the only thing I know when I'm down in the dumps...turn to my good friend ASOS

ASOS Fine Wire 30mm Hoop Earrings

Excuse the blurriness! I'd been craving some gold hoops for a while and really wish I'd had a pair when I was away so I got these ASOS Fine Wire 30mm Hoop Earrings although I'm still not sure they suit me. I have a bit of a London accent so I feel like when I wear them I just look like a chav haha. Not quite the chic Jean Shrimpton look or Daria Werbowy cool I had in mind!

ASOS Boudoir Appliqué Lace Overlay Soft Triangle Mesh Bra

I have this ASOS Boudoir Appliqué Lace Overlay Soft Triangle Mesh Bra in black already and love it so when the blue went down to just £6 I had to snap it up too because it's just so pretty. I had to order a Medium because the S was too tight for my massive ribs (#CFProblems lol) so I was worried the cups would be huge but it actually fits fine.

Then there were a few Topshop purchases which I'm super pleased with.

Topshop Pineapple Triangle Cup Mini Bra and Mini Knickers review

Look at me buying all these bras like I actually have anything to put in them :') and as my mum pointed out I wear them for like 5 minutes and take them off (which makes me sound like a shlag but it's actually because they often really restrict my breathing and bother my portacath!) However this Topshop Triangle Cup Mini Bra and Mini Knickers were too adorable and silly not to buy and with a quick Google search I got 10% off. The pineapple on the bottoms actually goes on the back, I'd say the bottoms are true to size but the top is a little smaller than average I think! I've never bought a Topshop triangle bra before despite always eyeing them up and I'm impressed, the fit is so good and I'm definitely going to get some more.

Topshop Koala Espadrille Shoes in black review

These Topshop Koala Espadrille Shoes were bought quite a while ago now but I haven't popped them on the blog yet. I wanted these so bad, they kept selling out so my orders were getting cancelled but on the third attempt I finally got them and I was literally like this little lad at my computer screen haha. They're so comfy, they come in so many different colours too (the leopard ones are dreamy!) 

So that's it for my kind of mini haul! Definitely have to try and avoid buying anything new for myself in August. Let me know what you like best! Hopefully I can blog again this week, Blogger has been a right pain for some reason and it's taken me ages to write this -_-

Josie x



  1. daisychaindream30 July 2014 at 07:19

    That lipstick is gorgeous & I am loving those pretty bras!

  2. That Chloe perfume is my favourite too, I've been trying to preserve the last few drops of mine though I think I'll definitely repurchase. I love that lipstick shade on you, a matte formula that isn't drying sounds like a dream! xx

  3. Waaah, I love that white top! Such a cute, boho piece. Your new lippy is gorge too!

    Tara x

  4. Love the top and shoes, just so pretty :) Gorgeous lipstick too, why not treat yourself on holiday?! Hope you had a lovely time xx

  5. Beautiful Chanel lipstick - it looks stunning on you! x

  6. It seems like you are the same as me, I shop all the time and I really shouldn't but I can't help it! Looks like some lovely items here, the bralet is beautiful!

  7. love the lipstick and SO jealous you got those espadrilles! i want them so badly, wahhhh

    from helen at

  8. I love that ASOS triangle bra, but like you I don't have the biggest endowment to put in it! I also spend most of the day moaning about my bra, its the best part of the day when you get to take it off :)

    Gems x

  9. I want that Chanel lipsticks! They are my fave and the shade of yours is soo nice!

    The Velvet Black // UK
    Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  10. Love the colour of the lipstick, that top is so pretty, love the pineapple bra and those espadrilles are lovely!!

    Julia x

  11. That lipstick is the best colour on you, you rock the brights SO well! xx

  12. Great haul, Josie. That Natura top looks perfect for summer. And yeah....that Chanel lippie is totally worth the splurge IMO:)

  13. la favourite looks so pretty it, I've always wanted to own a chanel lipstick, I love it when they make that popping sound for some reason haha x


  14. Very chic looks. Loving your lipstick and the shoes.

  15. you look so pretty!

  16. Gorgeous Asos bra and Chanel lipstick!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  17. Absolutely brilliant choices for every purchase. I love Chloe eau de parfum, my sis's been using one and i'm in love with the sense of it. If u like something kinda like the rosy smell, u could go and try Paul Smith Rose, it's so gorgeous, the sense's just 2 die for and probly u'll be falling for it haha. The Chanel rouge's lovely as well, always love the matte look and this one's totally perfect for it xx

  18. You have so many lovely new things! That lipstick looks so good on you! (You beautiful thing!) I need the pineapple underwear set in my life! They are so perfect!


  19. Rosalie Carvin30 July 2014 at 20:53

    Hope you had a great holiday! that asos bralet is gorgeous, wish I'd seen that when I was looking on the website now, I think he hoops do suit you but I probably have an even chavier accent so I don't know if I could get away with it haha x


  20. LOVE what you bought! the underwear is amazing!

  21. The perfume is one of my favorites! The shade of the lipstick is amazing!

  22. Love the color of the Chanel lipstick! it looks so great on you. Also, I'm in love with the flats! great buys for sure, I always enjoy hauls like this, a little bit of everything :)

    I invite you to visit my blog and let me know if you would
    like to follow each other to stay in touch.



  23. Nice fashion haul! The lipstick looks perfect on you, I love your bathing suit, and so so so jealous of that cool pineapple bra/undies:)
    xo Olivia

  24. I always tell myself not to buy anything but eventually end up buying something lol Love the lipstick choice! x

  25. That pineapple bra set is so cute!

    I hope Freddy has forgiven you now.

  26. Eee - I love the pineapple set! The bra is so cute. Both of the bras are adorable, really! xxx

  27. Love that top and ASOS bra! What a bargs. Glad you had a good holiday :)

  28. Gorgeous lip colour on you hun! And I love the bras!! So purrrdy!!

    I used to shop at Natura quite a lot at home. I miss their stuff! Might have to pop in again in September to stock up :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  29. Edita Lozovska31 July 2014 at 13:15

    That's such a lovely scent & diggin' your purchases - love the hoops! xx

  30. Ohhh such terrific buys, the lipstick is stunning on you and the undies are too pretty! Your comments are much appreciated, have a great Friday!

  31. realllyyyy want the chloe perfume, it smells so good!!
    alice x

  32. Fashion Railways31 July 2014 at 23:09

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    such an amazing blog!
    you have veru unique style!

    love the details of your outfit! you look stunning!

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  33. Love Chloe perfume and those shoes are very nice. xx


  34. The Chanel lipstick is a lovely shade! I've never bought underwear from Topshop before but the pineapple set is so cute, I'll have to have a look :) xx

  35. Hooray I have finally got back on Disquis. Good purchasing I love the pineapple knickers and bra. The Chloe perfume has such a lovely smell and Channel lipstick is a lovely vibrant red Lucy x

  36. Such perf picks! The lipstick is a gorgeous colour pop, love! The bras are just oh so pretty, the blue delicate lace set from ASOS is truly lovely and the tropical Topshop set is so vibrant and exotic, soo cute! I'm sobbing with you though, haha I definitely have nothing to offer in the form of filling a bra. TMI?!

    I love how stylish the first pic is, and in the third you look oh so chic and artsy, you are waaayy too hawt/pretty/sweet (multiple choice) to be a chav my lovely! I do understand your worries though; after I've watched several of my practice videos back I was horrified at how 'Enders I sounded eek! :|

    You definitely deserved these lovely buys, holiday blues are rubbish and I'm glad you found these beauts, so hope you enjoy them all! xo

    Sophie | soinspo

  37. Uuu! Red lipstick sister! I love it love it! I'm crazy about red lipsticks now :)
    Rose scent is my favorite too :} I have 2 perfumes from Armani, 1 VS and 1 Dior - all with notes of roses :)


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