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I was too ill to post much in July so didn't do a Happy List last month which meant I couldn't report on June's progress but that's probably a good thing because I only did about half the things on the list because I got ill so I'm going to be less ambitious and limit it to 5 things. This month I really need to sort my life out! I've had a month or two of feeling unhappy and worried about things and I think I've wallowed enough now haha. The worries are all CF-related, usually I'm very good at ignoring them but I think this is actually unhealthy because then when I can't block them out they're like 10x worse because they've been suppressed for too long. I don't want to tell people because I don't want them to worry about me when everyone has their own worries to deal with anyway! And I don't want to look whiney or ungrateful because I do have a lot to be thankful for, which makes me feel so guilty whenever I feel sad. So I sometimes end up in this cycle of worry and guilt that just spirals but I have to say Faye's post seriously helped me. Yes there are people iller than me but I need to stop comparing myself to other people with CF because this doesn't take away the fact that I'm still ill and CF sucks so sometimes it is ok to be pissed off about it. It's only natural and totally acceptable to feel that way occasionally (especially when there are people having absolute meltdowns over stupid things like broken straighteners or late trains or 'issues' in the blogging world that are actually not that big a deal.) But it's not good to stay stuck worrying about things and one thing I've found that helps me a lot is having plans. I know from the past that CF puts a stop to a lot of them so I'm prepared for that to's just good to make them and if they go wrong there's always different plans to make (when one door closes and all that!) This month I'm going to try and improve my life because there are definitely things I can do to make it better:

  1. Book a driving lesson. I've been saying this every month this year but still haven't gotten round to it! I don't know why I'm so terrified about getting behind the wheel but I need to get over it because everyone else around me are passing their tests so I need to catch up! It'll be so good to be able to get myself to hospital appointments and things so I really need to do it.
  2. Go swimming. I do exercises indoors but I need to up my game because exercise is so important when it comes to treating CF. The trouble is I'm not a fan at all but so many people have said swimming has helped them so I want to give it a go!
  3. Look into college courses. I had to quit my job in retail because the long hours and being on my feet the whole time was too tiring but I think if I had a job where I'd be sitting on my butt all day I'd be way more capable of doing it so I think an admin course or something will be a good idea. We shall see!
  4. Book a First Aid course. This is something me and my Mum are going to do. It's so important to learn it, something I've only just really realised after my brother got really is a life-saving skill. 
  5. Carry on reading. I've done well with this and gotten through a big chunk of my reading up is The Book Thief. 
So that's my list! What are your plans for August?

Josie x



  1. daisychaindream1 August 2014 at 07:14

    Joining you on the book a driving lesson front! x

  2. A brave post Josie! I do the same, bottle everything up because I don't want to burden friends and family with my worries about my health and future! Good for you for making some amazing aims for August :) really hope you achieve them.

    Sophia xx

  3. Lovely post, I hope your August is much better.

    Jess x

  4. Ohhh good list! I did therapy and a big part of learning to feel happier is 100% scheduling in plans/activities, it's called behavioural activation in the get-a-happy-brain world! I found it helped me LOADS to literally time table out my activities and fun stuff, even if you don't commit to them like you said, I think you just start to feel better in yourself for doing it though! X

  5. I really hate driving (and I don't think my driving skills are great!) but the lessons themselves weren't so bad! I even managed to pass my test so I know you can too! Making plans is a great idea to keep your mind busy :) xxx

  6. those sound like pretty doable goals, I know you'll make them.... and the driving thing... just practice and practice... I remember I was super scared about it too... but I was 15 or 16 then..I remember thinking "i'm never going to learn!" super scared all the time, but then it happened.. it's just like learning to ride a bike... but you gotta practice, even in parking lots or whatever until you are ready to hit the freeway... or roads there in London... you can do it!
    and book..yes!...I have this goal of reading one book a month.. right now I'm with Great Expectations for the second time... I just loved that book... xoxo

  7. I struggle with guilt so much with the mental illness thing. I feel like I'm just being whiney and pathetic when I feel bad because there are people so worse off than me. But I try to tell myself there is no need to feel guilty, not when it is so often something out of your control and your allowed to get all emotional over it, so do it as much as you need Josie.

    I really want to do a refresher first aid course, make sure I still know what I am doing, instead of potentially physically abusing an injured or sick person instead of helping them!
    Ooh I would love some summer book reccommendations, despite still having a huge book pile :)

    Gems x

  8. Glad to see you're trying to stay positive Josie, that's great. It definitely helps to feel like you're being productive and getting things done.


  9. I loved your list. I need to get my driving license asap, probably after I come back from England! Also I wish you look finding a nice college course you're interested in <3

    I hope your August is way better, Josie!

    PS. I bought the camera! I can't remember if yours was L820 or L320 but I got the L320 which is pretty similar and I'm loving it so far. I've mentioned you in my post as my main influence to get the camera (the blogger made me buy it ;D)

  10. I need to book a driving lesson too! I hope you enjoy your august a lot more :)

    Julia x

  11. Good luck with the driving lessons it will be so great have the freedom to go anywhere! Sorry to hear that you were not feeling well - damn CF! I definitely do the same and try to bury my feelings with CF but always feel better for talking (a bit) about it to someone! lots of love xxx

  12. I'm a huge worrier too! Writing lists and breaking stuff down helps me, and then you see all the war and conflict on the news and it just puts it all into perspective. Oooh good luck on the driving lessons front, it's really not that bad! The college course idea also sounds really good :) My plan for August is to survive my new job! haha xxx

  13. A very honest post and one I am sure will resonate with lots of people. Bottling things up and pretending things are ok in the long run does us no favours though. It is great to have plans to look forward to and aim for. I hate the gym too. Having a break from work soon and recuperation is so very much needed this end Lucy x

  14. Hope you have a better August and thanks for sharing your honest thoughts x

  15. Go to a pool with awesome slides or a wave machine. That makes it so much more fun. Challenge: sneak in Freddie.

  16. I should follow your lead with 1, 4 & 5! I hope August is a healthier and happier month for you, Josie. I really do admire your strength but you should feel free to winge more!

    Tara x

  17. Chantele Cross-Jones3 August 2014 at 22:21

    Oh the Book Thief! I loved it, although it is slightly unusual!

    Enter the Two Hearts One Roof August Giveaway

  18. You know you are so inspiring with how positive you are! Never feel guilty, everyone has bad days, some more than most. I have mostly bad days (depression yo') but try not to feel guilty and remind myself it's a legit illness. Sometimes everything just gets too much so don't put more pressure on yourself :)
    Let us know what you thought of the book thief i kinda wanna read it! x

  19. These are really good goals, let us know how you get on! I agree that making plans really helps when you feel a bit down, keeping yourself busy really makes a difference :) xx

  20. Really proud of you Josie! I have so much respect and love for you, you always seem to look to positives and radiate calm, all the while being selfless and caring to everyone you come across. Just remember like you say, it's OK to be pissed off about it, by God it's not just OK it's totally bloody justified! <3 I think you cope with worries and CF related situations so marvellously, I honestly worry about so many little things that are so ridiculous and forgotten about shortly after because of their insignificance. I need to take a leaf out of your book, most deff! I think we all should <3

    Am so excited for you and your August goals, so lovely you've chosen such meaningful things that are not only amazing aims but really exciting future plans too! I can't wait to hear more about them all! Here for you anytime, drop me an email anytime you need a rant, don't ever worry about sounding whiny or ungrateful I honestly don't think you could EVER possibly be any of those two things if you tried!

    Ooh and yes we must deffo do lunch, I look forward to it! :)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  21. Oh my goodness, how lovely to see here that you found my post helpful! That means so much to me. Hope you got on alright with your list!



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