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@josiesjournal I heart instagram tag

So I was tagged by the lovely Little Miss Katy and while I don't usually do tags (as much as I love reading them!) I had to do this one because I am an Insta-addict. 

What's your Instagram handle? @josiesjournal, I've only just been able to change it to match my blog because someone else had it. They only posted two photos of a baby and left it unused for like a year which was beyond annoying haha!

How many accounts do you follow? 969 (I literally follow everyone, told you I was addicted!)

How many followers do you have? 565

What are your favourite hashtags? #OOTD #fbloggers #dogsofinstagram and #etsy. And #henrycavill.

What is your favourite genre of photo? Definitely outfit shots and anything fashiony, but I love interiors too. And obviously I appreciate a good puppy photo!

How often do you post? It depends but on average I'd say once or twice a day!

How often do you check your instagram feed? This is probably bad but about 10x a day at least! I did tell you I was addicted.

What's your favourite filter? I usually edit photos through vscocam now but I used to love Hudson!

Smartphone purist or rebel? Mainly a smartphone purist but if I'm promoting a post then I'll usually screen shot a photo from my blog. 

Your 3 favourite IG accounts:

Well I'm so going to cheat here and list a whole bunch because I cannot stop at 3!

theglowedit: Kate's insta is full of delicious brunches, beauty snippets and gorgeous parts of London (with a chihuahua thrown into the mix occasionally, which I do appreciate!) Check out her blog too, the photography is equally gorgeous!

lucywilliams02: I think you all know I'm a huge fan of Lucy's blog, Fashion Me Now and her insta is just as inspiring. Lots of fashion inspiration, beautiful scenery and yummy food (are you sensing a theme here?)

brittanybathgate: I WISH this lady had a blog! Her style is awesome and she gives me total hair envy. Her travelling pictures were amazing too.

coffeewithme: April's insta is interesting because she moved her blog solely to instagram which is something I'd never seen before. She's the Flatlay Queen and I find her simple style formula really inspiring (plus there are of course plenty of coffee shots!)

theformalshirtcompany: Ok, so it is my brother's menswear range but I still really like it! You may have seen me regram some of their stuff but give them a follow to see more and now the website's live you can check that out too here.

milkbubbleteablog: I'm almost certain you follow Becky's super cute blog but her insta is just as adorable! Everything is just so pretty, I love scrolling through her page on a miserable, rainy day.

willis_blogs: Because I am an unashamed fan girl of Daisy and I miss her blog but thankfully she updates her insta with her amazing outfits.

billyhuxley: Surely no explanation needed?

So there's my tag! I tag Rhiannon, SophieGemma & Hayley!



  1. Yay! Very proud of the #henrycavill follow. Definitely off to check that one out!!! <3 xx

    Little Miss Katy | Fun, Food & Fashion

  2. Love this post, mind if I do it too? I love seeing your Freddie pics!


    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. I'm not as active on Instagram, but yeah....I'm loving the OOTDs over there.

  4. What an amazing tag Josie! I'm super obsessed with Instagram at the moment so I was really excited to see this post from you and even more thrilled that you tagged me, thanks ever so much lovely <3

    I can't believe those people with the baby! That must have been so annoying haha o.O
    Thank goodness you managed to get your proper name in the end, and quite rightly so! ;)
    I love the #OOTD & #fblogger tags too, it's amazing how quickly you can find so many new blogs and discover so many looks at lightening speed. Before I got an iPhone I never really understood the fuss over Instagram, but now I have it, it's all become crystal clear!

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  5. I just confessed on my latest post that I'm insta addicted too. Maybe we need to check in to an Instagram rehab? I get so annoyed if I check in and there has only been 2 or 3 new photos uploaded since the last time I checked in - DON'T PEOPLE KNOW I HAVE FINGERS THAT NEED TO CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON?!

  6. I love that #henrycavill is one of your fave hashtags! ;)

    Tara x

  7. Hey Josie! I've been lurking on your blog for ages now, just wanted to say I love your style & always pop back to your instagram for inspiration! xx

  8. I wasn't following you on Instagram and that was Not Okay. Fixed it now though, love your feed!

    x Justina //

  9. I didn't realise that you were on Instagram now I do I will add you. Good suggestions for follows Lucy x

  10. Ohhhh that tag looks amazing, so much fun! I'm also a smartphone purist... HAHAHA! Unless I really like a pic that wasn't taken with my iPhone but with my camera, then I will change my mind hahahaa

    Crissy @ My Cup Of Tea

  11. I just went and followed ALL of those accounts you mentioned (and your own!) haha ahh I can’t get enough! Thanks for the suggestions beautiful! Its been wonderful to find your blog- its great!

  12. I am so terrible on Instagram I definitely need to get back into this! I always seeing your posts though especially Freddie! xx

  13. Great post I didn't know that you were on Instagram I will have to find you on it. I am under @moodini. I used to use it all the time for photography but this was years ago don't really use it that much now. Lucy x


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