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So I thought it'd be nice to try and do these little weekly round up posts on a Sunday, a day that is boring to some but is most definitely my favourite day of the week.

tower london shoes
tower london shoes

Last Sunday I was invited down to Tower London at Wood Green for breakfast and to check out their new A/W14 collection. I couldn't stay for long but I loved what I saw, these navy blue suede ankle boots by Ash being a particular favourite...a nice change from black plus they were super comfy to boot (see what I did there? So good, so good.)

frojo designs

Sent out a couple of Frojo Designs orders, as well as working on lots of Christmas stock and ideas for the new collection in January! Remember cards will be sent out 1st Class 1-2 working days after you've placed your order :)

bichon frise

Catching what is probably the last of the summer sun with Freddydog (who is thankfully getting his hair did tomorrow so he can see again!)

photo from @bestldnwalks

On Tuesday I went along on a blogger walk with Best LDN Walks and it was honestly one of the best nights I've had in ages! We did a Secrets of London's Pubs walk, so basically a bit of a pub crawl with loads of interesting and funny facts about the pubs and the Londoners who used to frequent them. I think some people have preconceptions of these London walk things as being a bit stuffy, geeky, touristy or for older generations but this was completely the opposite! I'm gutted because my memory card wiped out all my photos of the night so I only have these two to show you BUT definitely go and check out the lovely Katy's post on the night, Lucy's also done a fab write up too. It was so fab to meet some of my fave bloggers IRL and meet some new ones too!

bacon and pancakes

I met up with the lovely Sophie who I hadn't seen since March and had lunch, I had my first bacon and pancakes which was delish but so filling. It was so nice to see Sophie again, she's just as kind and easy to talk to as you'd expect from her blog...she's a real gem! I definitely have to make sure the gap between our next meeting isn't as long.

primark thumper bambi pyjamas

When I was out with Sophie we popped into Primark and look what I found! Only the most amazing pyjamas ever. I keep trying to wear chicer, more grown up pjs as I get older but I think they're just getting more and more childish (but I hope I never get too old to wear Disney jammies!)

I also did a few other things like a driving lesson, a meal at a Mexican place, lunch with family plus a trip to the CF Clinic but I'll post about that some other time I think! It was a super busy week for me so by Thursday night I was pooped and felt really ill but it was worth it because I had fun. Today I'm off to Spitalfields, The Formal Shirt Company is doing a pop up shop so I'm off to check it out and show support (it is my big brother's business after all!) If you're in the area come and see!

Hope you've had a fab week :)



  1. I'd completely forgotten about these posts! I may even begin them myself :) I love the pyjamas sooooooo much.. if I see them, I know I won't leave them in the shop! xxx

  2. Those pjs are actually amazing!

  3. Lovely post! I think the London pub walking tour sounds really interesting! xo

  4. I love this type of post - Sundays are one of my favourite days too :) Cute PJs - you're never too old! xx

  5. I love your pyjamas - I've been ill and have loved snuggling up in some PJs

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  6. I really want some navy boots I think they're a great alternative to navy- also I love the PJs :)
    Daniella x

  7. Sundays are my favourite too! The walk sounds fun :)

    Christy x

    another weekend without make-up

  8. Sounds like a lovely week.
    I really need to go on one of those tours, they sound really good!

    And those pj's are adorable!!!

  9. Oh my those pajamas need to get into my pajama draw for sure, they are so lovely! How cute!
    My pajamas never get more chic as I get older, last night I wore Star Wars PJs.

    Gems x

  10. Aww what a lovely round-up! Sunday has to be my favourite day of the week EVER too ;)
    So fab you were invited down to Tower London, it looks like a great event and those boots really look like the perfect AW staple! The Secret's of London's Pubs walk sounds awesome, it's fantastic to do something a bit different and unexpected, and even better that there were fellow bloggers involved! It's also really exciting about The Formal Shirt Company, the designs and styles always look so stylish and it's so impressive how well your brother has done already! I hope the pop up shop went well! :)

    And I can't thank you enough for your kind words Josie! Honestly right back at you! I'm so glad we've met through blogging, and you're always so easy, sweet and gorgeous to be around! Loved every moment of our catch up and can't wait to see you again soon! <3

    Those pyjamas are truly the sweetest! Love! You just have to buy the Bambi ones now too, it's written in the stars ;)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  11. You are right, little things make life sah-weet!


  12. I actually love tours around cities, unashamedly so! This sounds right up my street - I'd really like to go on the Jack the Ripper tour - that's meant to be really scary!

    Saskia /

  13. Your PJ's are so cute! AND they match your bedroom, win win! Freddydog is the soooo fluffy in that photo!

  14. Those PJ's are the coolest things ever! I love them x

  15. It sounds like you had a great week, I love those boots! xx

  16. love the jammies! love the boots!!!

    Animated Confessions

  17. the blogger walk sounds like it was fun! & those pyjamas... got to get myself some of those hahah! xx

  18. I suddenly want a pain aux raisin and those ASH boots! I'd love to meet up with you, Sophie and Katy! <3

    Tara x


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