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Adidas Gazelle Trainers Review Schuh

I've wanted these trainers for so long but kept buying other things instead and since I'm not working due to silly poor health at the moment I've had to watch my pennies a bit. Then Sam, who is the best, reminded me that I allow myself to play the 'I have CF, wah wah wahhh' card once a year to treat myself to something so I got them! To be fair last time I used that I bought a Mulberry bag and the year before that Isabel Marant boots so I guess this wasn't too extravagant at all in comparison. I ordered them late afternoon on Saturday from Schuh and paid £1 delivery to get them on Sunday morning, plus I had 10% off for being a first time customer...very, very impressed with the service! (Not sponsored or anything, just genuinely super chuffed.)

But anyway, I love them even if they don't quite love me back...the tongues on these are spiky! But clever Katy and Eilidh have suggested using sandpaper or a nail file to file away the evilness but I'm useless and have neither so until then I'm just hobbling through the pain. So worth it though, I just think they look so nice. I never used to wear trainers ever but now they've replaced black ankle boots as my favourite kind of shoe, and if you're a long term reader (hai hai!) you know my addiction to black ankle boots is strong.

What do you think? Are you a fan of trainers?

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  1. You totally deserved these Josie! x

  2. These are SO you, Josie! I hope the filing helps haha. I think you were well overdue a little treat. :)

    Tara x

  3. I think we all deserve a treat now and then, and you've chosen something very practical! xx

    Ioanna |

  4. I LOVE this post :) (thanks for the mention!) The shoes are definitely a good choice for you, and I am so glad you treated yourself after such a rough time. I know it's only something materialistic but if it makes you feel better for a bit, then sometimes, you can't put a price on things. So glad to see you blogging again lovely xxx

  5. You deserve to treat yourself girl! I'm really lusting after a white pair of adidas trainers at the moment <3

  6. You definitely deserve them! I really want a new pair of trainers - I agree with them being the comfiest footwear every, I'll choose to wear them over boots any day!
    Claudia xxx

  7. I was sure when I clicked the link through twitter, I was sure it was going to be another pair of black boots :)
    But these trainers are so you as well and you so deserve to treat yourself. I used by 'excuse treat' this month too. For surviving a really bad week of anxiety I bought myself a nail varnish advent calender :). But you deserve the treat way more than me, you are my inspiration, the strength you have is so empowering. For me WWJD is not What Would Jesus Do, it is What Would Josie Do :)

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  8. I love love love love Gazelles! My flatmate works in Schuh and has a gorgeous burgundy pair, I'm so jealous. She said the same thing about the tongue though, I'd definitely use something to file it down a tad x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  9. Big fan of trainers:) I live in them. And yours are pretty cool, Josie.

  10. You definitely deserved these, they're so nice!

    Julia x

  11. Gorgeous trainers, I really want these for myself! <3

    I have a new post up today, and I would love to know your thoughts:


  12. very nice this adidas shoes sweety! ;)

    if you have want, come to visit my blog, kiss from Italy.


  13. I adore sneakers but they just don't suit me! I'd love a pair of Gazelles.


  14. Aww you deserve them Josie! They have such "you vibes" - can see you reppin' them to the max in no time at all ;) It's amazing that Schuh were so on point with delivery, always reassuring to know a company that is loyal to customers. I'm not a massive fan of trainers for myself as I never think they suit me.. apart from Converse, love me some converse! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  15. These are awesome Josie. I love them!x

  16. I love those trainers - we all need a little treat sometimes.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  17. I'm now on the trainer bandwagon - had a pair of Roshe Run's delivered today!! Don't think they suit me too well but I couldn't resist a discount. I always say you're so bloody COOL and these Gazelles are perfectly suited to your cool kid persona (that I apparently see you with hahaha).

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  18. These are really nice and good staple trainers that will go with loads unlike my bright pink nikes Lucy x

  19. I do love trainers and it's mostly thanks to you! I love these and you'll look super cool in them! xxx

  20. They look as if they'd be really comfy :( I hope you can make them more feet friendly soon xx

  21. love the new sneakers, i'm still looking for a pair that i love..

    you are aloud to treat yourself, you deserved it :)


  22. I love the look of Gazelles. Where I used to work had some gorgeous ones and I really regret not using my discount on them when I still could!

    Megan x

    London Callings

  23. oh gazelle are a classic! I haven't owned a pair for a while, definitely the 90s, full Britpop era... and now you're making me want to buy some ;) I basically live in trainers anyway. xx

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  25. You 100% earned these with the time you've been having recently Josie! Hope they're getting less spiky with wear...
    Freckles and All


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