FASHION | Camel Coat & Gazelles

Jumper | Uniqlo Men's (similar here)
Trousers | H&M (similar here)
Bag | ASOS (part of my #AAASecretSanta gift...thank you so much Ellie!
Scarf | Zara 
Shoes | Adidas

Hey! How are you doing? My week hasn't got off to the most productive start, despite my best intentions. I'M JUST TOO COLD. It is so hard to get dressed when you're wearing fleecey Primark jimjams, let me tell you. Freddydog is also struggling with this, he has the dilemma of loving going outside but hating getting wet so he just doesn't what to do the poor little love. 

Talking of silly dilemmas I have one of my own where I have this weird obsession of having a flash of ankle in every outfit but then almost freezing my feet off because of it. The things we do for fashion eh? But I am layering underneath jeans and that with those fleece lined leggings from Primark (best thing to come out of there since Thumper pyjamas) which are very cosy indeed. I've dug these trousers out again because I've been finding myself glued to my skinnies (although I've just bought two new pairs and it is love. More on those later!) so these just kind of get my out of my rut whilst still allowing me to wear my beloved sneakers...winner winner, chicken dinner. This is what I wore to dinner actually, me and my friend went to TGI's which I love because their sesame chicken strips are just the nicest things and they always give you a massive plate too. 

Today I'm meeting up with the same friend and we're going to attempt to do some Christmas shopping. Must.Not.Buy.For.Self.

See how else I wear my camel coat here.



  1. I love this outfit, you just look so pretty! I'm also wearing my fleecy primark pj's right now. It's soooo cold here too, I just can't face it :P Hope you're well xx
    Holly x

  2. Bonjour gorgeous! Love the outfit :) I agree about the cold, I facking hate it, can't handle it at all. It also means all I wear are leggings and huge sweaters and scarves, sack looking good haha. Oooh I haven't been to TGIs in aaages, but they don't do my fave thing from there anymore anyway :( they used to do an amazing sticky pasta but they don't now! Ugh!

  3. I hate being cold, all I want to wear in this weather is a thermal onesie! x

  4. Love this whole outfit, Josie. And LOLZ on the ankle....I hear yah...the things we do for fashion:)

  5. An amazing outfit as always! I love that coat and know exactly what you mean about flashing an ankle haha, it looks so cool!! x

  6. can't go wrong with a camel coat! I got one from Oasis few years back and bet I will wear it for years to come. x

  7. I have SO much love for the fleece-lined leggings!!! I bought a pair last month and they are the best thing eva.

    Also just bought a camel coat at laaast! <3 xx

  8. You look great Josie. I just ordered the same shoes for myself. But the mens cause hit was all white no gold and no baby blue on the flap of the shoes ;) I am waiting to arrive . It is my xmas gift to myself xx

  9. This is so Parisian chic at it's finest, you look gorgeous.
    I wish I could work such a simple, chic look, but I don't have your amazng long legs.

    Gems x

  10. I'm still lusting after those trainers! Love this outfit <3

  11. I love your bag! I've had exactly the same problem this week, it's so difficult to get anything done when you're snuggled up haha xx


  12. I have quite a few ankle grazers and my ankles are almost falling off (if that's possible haha)... Cute sneaks! <3

    Tara x

  13. ahhhh I'm forever jealous of your coat it's soooo gorgeous! It's SO hard not to buy for yourself isn't it?! I'm so bad at it, but if I buy something for me while xmas shopping I then go buy something nicer as a present to get rid of my guilt! xx

  14. that coat is beautiful! so versatile and classic


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