Stripes & Sandals

Super quick outfit photos today because I was doing everything last minute (as always!) This was worn before the rain hit. July seems to be having an identity crisis at the moment because it seems to think it's February.

Jumper - Whistles (similar here)
Skirt - ASOS Tall
Sandals - George @ ASDA* (similar here)
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Bag - Mulberry Del Rey

I love this jumper, I got it a few years back for about £30 in the sale but I have to say the quality is poop considering it originally retailed for like double that price. So now I don't want to wear it too much in case it falls apart! But these £14 sandals are serving me very well indeed :)

Yesterday was good, my brother came round and took me out for dinner which was a nice surprise! We went to Brown's at Bluewater, this table near us were having afternoon tea and they left behind so many untouched cakes - WEIRDOS. You bring the cake home.

  I thought yesterday was gonna be a write-off because I was out for drinks Saturday at a family friend's thing and didn't get back til late, then poor Freddydog was up til 5am because he's hurt his ear. He frightened me over the weekend because he was scratching on my door to get in and when I opened it he was just looking at me crying with all his ear bleeding and bleeding because he'd scratched it! The way he'd come to my room to show me! *heartbreak emoji's everywhere* Now he's even sadder because he has other problems too, hopefully the vet with have the right meds for him today.

So yes, #Pray4Freddy haha! And do you agree that you take the cakes home or am I just being a pig?


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