A Summer Haul

Hey! Sorry these are just insta snaps but it's actually really kinda difficult to take photos of clothes unless you're wearing them. These are just things I bought over the past couple of months, I'm not sure that's everything (my bad, because there's already a lot of stuff here!) but I think I'm done shopping for clothes for a little while.

topshop stripe hello t shirt tea and cake

I had a Topshop voucher a little while back and was going to buy this but chose this Paris tee instead. So when I found this in the sale last week, last one in my size, it was definitely fate, no? It's so cute and comfy and matches my lipstick perfectly haha!

Topshop black long dungarees
Dungarees | Topshop

I do own dungarees already but these are a bit of a better fit and I like that they're denim so I bit the bullet and paid the £48 price tag. They received a mixed (aka a straight out 'I don't like them' to a wise 'no comment') reviews in my household but I love them and people of instagram appreciate them too so I'm glad because I'm well aware I look like a little boy in them. The tee worn underneath was £3(!!!) from Primark and is a very handy little piece indeed. 

TK maxx white shirt
Shirt | TK Maxx

This was a present from my mum, I can never be bothered to search through the clothes in there (but will spend hours at the stationary bit!) but my mum usually manages to find little gems like this pretty shirt.

H&M striped dress blue white and grey
Dress | H&M

I'm not much of a dress person so for me to buy one I must really love it. I'd had my eye on this for ages, I love the blue, white and grey colour combo and of course, the stripes. It has a really lovely strappy back too and I hope I get to wear this a bit more before summer ends!

H&M marble necklace
Necklace | H&M

I don't buy much jewellery, especially off the high street because for things like this I usually like to support smaller independent businesses but I fell in love with this! I know I'm a blogger cliché but the marble detail is beautiful.

lucy williams x missoma large horn necklace
H&M blue cotton shirt oversized
Shirts | H&M

I look so dead in that last pic haha but I was halfway through a room sortout - it was hell! I am so happy with these shirts, they're literally the style and colours and materials I've been looking for since forever. I love the pearly buttons and oversized fit! 

So I stuck to my usual colours but everything will fit in with what I already own! For once I don't have buyers remorse over anything, I love everything I bought and I feel like they're all very 'me'. That's one thing I've been trying to do more, wear stuff that I feel comfortable in instead of buying things that look good on other people. 

It's hard to choose but I think my favourite things here are the dungarees! What's yours? Have you bought anything recently? 


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