A Visit To The Tower Of London | Part 1

Hey! So last week I went to the Tower of London and it was pretty much one of my happiest days ever. I love history, especially anything to do with monarchs, the Tudors and Britain and I was with my mum, aunt and cousins - so I was at one of my favourite places with some of my favourite people! It was a really tough day physically, obviously where the place is so old it has loads of winding staircases and a lot of it is all uphill so the next day I definitely paid for it! Good physio though, plus my family are the best ever and looked after me so well. I thought I'd share a few pics and facts with you in case you fancy geeking out with me ;-) Be warned, it's verrry picture heavy (even though I was a total fail and didn't get any photos of the ravens or the beefeaters) so I've divided it up into two parts. Here's Part 1!

the tower of london

Traitors' Gate/Wakefield Tower

traitors' gate
wakefield tower

Traitors' Gate felt so sinister to me, it's right by the entrance where thousands of tourists just happily stroll through nowadays yet here was where many Tudor prisoners entered the Tower to meet their grisly end. I can't imagine how scary that must've been to have that gate shut after you! Today it has kind of a nicer purpose, people throw coins into the water and all the money raised goes to the Poppy Appeal.  Just near this is the Wakefield Tower where they have a little exhibition on torture at the Tower, which as you can guess is very grim! 

Bloody Tower

bloody tower
bloody tower
bloody tower
bloody tower sir walter raleigh's cell

So remember 'The King In The Car Park', Richard III? It's said he ordered the murder of his two young nephews in the Bloody Tower although no one can ever be sure what quite happened to them - but this particular tower is still said to be haunted! The Bloody Tower had lots of other famous prisoners inside it's walls including Sir Walter Raleigh, who was a famous Elizabethan poet and explorer (or aka Clive Owen in Elizabeth: The Golden Age) - his cells can be seen here in the bottom pic, where he stayed for over a decade until James I eventually chopped his head off.

Tower Green/The Crown Jewels

tower green scaffold monument
tower of london houses

tower of london queen's guard
tower of london queen's guard
tower of london the crown jewels

We made our way to Tower Green where I coughed so much I was sick - the life of a CF'er eh? I'm pretty sure that man in the third picture was watching this happen but you know those guys, they hide their emotions well! To be fair though we were at the exact site where they used to chop peoples heads off so there have been far grimmer happenings on Tower Green than me vomming in a bag haha! (I'm sorry, too much I know...) All jokes aside though there is a memorial as seen in the top pic for those who lost their lives there and it's quite sobering to stand and think about those past victims. Some famous ones are two of Henry VIII's wives Anne Boelyn and Katherine Howard and also Lady Jane Grey, who was only 16 when she died. The Queen's Guard are there because although it's been years since a monarch lived in the Tower it's still an official Royal residence and they're also there to protect the Crown Jewels! There was no photography allowed in the building where they're kept (last pic) but I will say it was spectacular...so shiny and pretty! Complete madness though, like no one needs to eat off of gold cutlery. But I still had a favourite crown, it belonged to Queen Victoria and was actually the smallest one there - I just thought it was very chic and tasteful haha! I've decided I need to get in with the Royal family to get my hands on this crown so I'm going to try and get my baby niece Florrie to marry Prince George then when she's queen she'll make Georgie boy give it to me as a gift for Christmas. Perfect plan, no?

So I think I've bombarded you enough for today, part 2 will be up on Wednesday! Have you ever been to the Tower Of London? 


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