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With all this rainy weather I can't help but feel a bit excited at the prospect of being back in boots and jeans again. Don't get me wrong, I love the hot weather but I'm kind of looking forward to not bothering with shaving my legs all the time/having to try and fix patchy fake tan/painted toes and all those other things we tell ourselves we must do to be 'summer ready' (I'm just too lazy for all that prep! Tell me I'm not the only one?) I don't want it to be back to wearing a million and one layers either, I just want that nice weather where you can wear a leather jacket and jeans and be comfortable, like the looks below (all pics via pinterest)

leather jacket outfit

daria werbowy ag jeans fall 2015
stan smith outfit
trench coat outfit
daria werbowy ag jeans fall 2015
caroline de maignet street style
daria werbowy ag jeans fall 2015
dungarees outfit

In all the excitement for Alexa Chung X AG Jeans (not feeling the A/W collection to be honest) I feel like their Fall 2015 campaign with Daria Werbowy has been unjustly ignored - the perfectly cropped jeans, the shirts, the messy hair. YESYESYES. And I really want to wear my dungarees again, I got them just as it was warming up so I haven't had much chance to wear them. I have plans for those! 

The majority of my wardrobe is stuff made for colder weather so I'm missing wearing a lot of things. I've had a big wardrobe clearout and I'm really going to try and not be as spendy as I was during the summer because I've decided I want to get another bag (and my taste ain't cheap!) So I'm going to try and stick to what I have, wish me luck!

Have you started thinking about autumn clothes yet? What's your favourite look here?


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