Beside The Seaside

So the idea was to have a whole post about my day at Herne Bay but things didn't go to plan - I ate my fish and chips and ice cream, I played on the penny machines and I got scared of the seagulls all without taking photos because I was having fun so I forgot! The pics I did take were of my family but here's a couple I can use for a really rubbish outfit post.

Jacket | Topshop
Tee | H&M (simliar here)
Skirt | H&M (similar here)
Shoes | Adidas
Sunglasses | Roxy at Specsavers
Necklace | Missoma London

Makes a difference from my usual white walls at least and is proof that every now and then I do actually leave the house. The coat is strategically placed to hide my IV drip, 10 points if you can see the tube! Healthwise this day was brilliant, I didn't need to use my oxygen at all - the sea air definitely makes my lungs happy. 

My little cousin was so funny, he goes 'Josie, listen to this song I just made up' and he started singing 'Champagne Supernova' :') he's only 4! OK so he stole the credit to the song but most four year olds are singing Let It Go so I think he's pretty impressive to know Oasis. 

A trip to the beach was not a bad start to the week at all! What's your favourite seaside spot? 


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