Favourite Reads #2

I am so behind with my bloglovin' list right now because of migraines which is bugging me because I love reading blogs! I said before I wanted to feature my faves on here more regularly but then I, uh, forgot. Oopsie. So here's three of them, do go and check them out because they're much better than the rubbish you read here ;)

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HoneyBelle | Belle's blog is kind of a new one for me but I wish I'd started reading sooner! Written by a super funny girl who tells it as it is, I love her honesty and of course, her style. I'm so jealous of Belle's shoe collection (and her ability to pull off those lace up pointy flats - they will just never work for me, very sad times.) Go read: 6 Things You shouldn't Do On Instagram  (oh and check out her amazing insta too!)

All I Know Now | I've been reading Sam's blog since the beginning of time and she's now someone I would consider a friend - imagine if she's reading this like 'Ew, no' and I'm just looking like a creep :') no seriously she's a fab girl! She's battled problems that she's been so open about on her blog and it's amazing to see her doing so well now, she's just so inspirational. She also writes wicked book reviews! Go read: What Young Adults Should Know

Sailboat | I'm not sure who isn't a reader of Jennie's lovely blog but if you're not go follow immediately! I'm a huge fan of Jennie's writing style, her posts are just so beautiful. I always feel very inspired and positive after reading them - like someone's given you a big hug! And her book reviews are brilliant (she also has a book blog here!) Go read: Success is not measured in numbers or grades...

So I hope I've helped you find some new reads! I'd love to know some of your favourites! Check out my Favourite Reads #1 here.


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