Double Up

After venturing outside for a bit here I am in my room, back to my hermit ways ;) And also back in this skirt, told you it was a favourite! 

zara denim shirt
Double denim outfit
Zara denim shirt
Shirt | Zara (similar here)
Skirt | H&M  (similar here)
Shoes - Mango (similar here)

I will always be a huge advocate of double denim - just mix your shades and it's not so daunting after all! And it's kinda fun with pieces that are a bit different, like this old Zara shirt. It was one of those rare, last minute sale buys that has actually stood the test of time! Special mention must go to the shoes too, they were bought when I was on holiday because I didn't have any shoes that were easy to slip on and off to go to the water park (I bloody love a water park, I could float about in the lazy river all day) but they actually survived all the mayhem and are also super comfy. Plus they match my lipstick haha! 

Today I have many plans, all in the name of getting my shizz together but I'll be home alone for most of it so we shall see how much actually gets done because Sky+ is calling my name - I have soooo many E! shows to catch up with! Oh and thank you so much for those of you who retweeted yesterday! If not you can read about it here and then retweet this ;) Let's get Zoella to Katie!

EDIT: Oops, did I say E!, obviously I meant important documentaries...


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