Week #21

Hallo! How are you? This week started off very good healthwise but today I feel like poop - I think all the stuff I've been doing has caught up with me, it won't seem like much at all to most people but considering I've barely been able to do anything the past few weeks I think today my body is a bit like 'Slow dowwwwwn.' But my lungs are feeling good, which is the number one thing!

So Monday I went to the beach and on Tuesday I went to see my baby niece Florrie except I was a rubbish auntie and fell asleep when I got there and when I woke up Florrie was in bed. I have IVs to thank for that, they knock me out! Can you believe she's 7 months already? I swear it feels like yesterday I was writing on here saying she'd just been born.

On Friday I went shopping, I only meant to buy my friend a birthday present but I ended up with a load of magazines (September issues, woo!) and a load of stationery from TK Maxx. Look how pretty though!

Very Kate Spade-esque no? The woman at the till was like 'Getting all your back to college stuff are we?' and I just had to lie because the truth is, like the 1058456 notebooks I already own, these will just sit unused on my bookshelf. The polka dot box is a memo pad and I ain't even got any memos to write! I can't even kid myself or you that I'll use them for blog planning either because we all know I'm too lazy for that. But I know I'm not the only one with a stationery addiction right?

Then last night I met up with my two best friends, we hardly all get together because life so it was super lovely! Although if you're ever at Shad Thames by the river don't go into ASK because it was soooo bad, gross food and awful service - boosome, because it was my friend's burfday. But we still had fun and for the first time in months I was able to get a tube and bus (I was too ill before!) and it felt so good having that bit of independence! The other girls went to a club after but I was feeling rubbish so went home, luckily my mum was out with her friends too so I got a lift! It's weird because I didn't drink so I wouldn't feel ill but I still felt like crap when I got in and feel so hungover now, I feel like I should've just had that cocktail if I was gonna get ill anyway haha!

But to end on a good note I've mentioned before that Freddydog has been really ill for most of the year with allergies, well now we've found some medicine that actually works! Soooo happy, he's not sad any more and has like a new lease of life. For the first time in ages he come up to me with a toy and wanted to play, he's been so uninterested for ages so it brought a little tear to our eyes haha. He's definitely better because he took himself off for walkies in the week, he was gone for an hour! Luckily some nice people found him and brought him back, I don't know why he ran away because he's like the most spoilt dog in the land and he seems to love us as much as we love him! Silly pup.

Well that's this week's news! Now I'm just going to go back to bed for like three days haha! Hope you've had good weeks :)

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