Week #21

Hey! How are you? It's been a good week, saw family, did a bit (a lot) of shopping and on Thursday IVs finished - BYE FELICIA.

Lana Del Rey card
Current stock in Frojo Designs

I was definitely a lil' naughty at Bluewater but to be fair I hadn't been shopping there since before Ireland which was way back in May so y'know, was well overdue. And for once in my life I actually love everything I got which is a rarity, ain't taking none of it back! I know I keep promising to do a post on the things I've bought the past couple of months but next week I WILL DELIVER so keep an eye out for that.

I also popped into Hobbycraft since now is definitely the time to get started on my Christmas stock for my shop, if possible I'd like to raise more money than before for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust (raised £220 last year, thank you to everyone who bought cards and those who helped spread the word!) Sorry to mention the 'C' word already but I'm super excited to get started on them and can I just say well done me on only buying the two things I needed in Hobbycraft and not going crazy like I usually do.

Actually no that's a lie, I did get a couple of other bits which I now need to buy more things for in order to use them but they were only cheap and if my little DIY goes well I shall show you them soon!

Before I go I just wondered if you guys could do a simple favour? Katie is a young girl with Cystic Fibrosis who received a double lung transplant two years ago. Unfortunately her body is now rejecting these new lungs and Katie is going through a really tough time with all that this brings, it really is so unfair. Due to her being so unwell she's now unable to go and meet Zoella next week which was one of her dreams on her bucket list. So the hope is if we all get tweeting Zoella will hopefully be able to go and visit Katie instead! She's just such an inspiration to everyone in the CF community, such a fighter and so positive - she's going through things most people couldn't even comprehend so it would be amazing for her to be able to tick something off her list.Please, please, please RT this tweet here , it takes two seconds and doesn't cost you a penny to do something kind :) Thank you! You can keep up to date with Katie's progress here if you're interested, she's also a fellow blogger!

Have you had a good week? Remember to please retweet :D 

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