Week #22

Happy Sunday! Ew sorry, that was an ick phrase. It's actually been a busy week for me for once, I've been feeling quite well so I took the opportunity to do a few things. Although when I say well, it's not going to be a 'healthy' person's well. There's still plenty of coughing, plenty of sickness and plenty of struggling to breathe while trying to do simple things like wash my hair but just a little bit less so than I have been for the last few weeks so I've obviously been very happy about that!

diet coke j.w. anderson collection
I was kindly sent these bits from the Diet Coke J.W. Anderson collection - the designs are pretty snazzy, huh? You can buy the bottles individually for £1.95 each and there's also a gift set that contains the bottles and a notebook available at Harvey Nichols!

At the beginning of the week I went for dinner with my friend, we sat in Prezzo for 4 hours and we waited soooo long for them to get us our bill! Personally I don't think they wanted to get rid of us, we obviously made the place look young and hip and cool (of course that phrase proves I am none of the last two things.) 

Thursday was just the happiest day, I went with some family to the Tower of London which is one of my favourite places in the world! Granted I have not been to many places in the world but even if I had it would still be up there at the top of the list because I'm a geek and love British history, especially Tudor shiz. I have a post, two posts in fact, of that coming up next week so keep an eye out for those! I seriously struggled walking around the Tower, it's a massive place with so many stairs and a lot of it is uphill so in hindsight it would've been a good idea to have brought my oxygen. I was thinking about it but I felt that if I brought it it would be a sign of defeat - silly, I know. But no, I never, I instead huffed and puffed all over the place and coughed so much I got sick in a bag in front of a member of the Queen's Guard - not my finest moment. I almost teared up when that happened, not out of embarrassment but because my cousins rallied round me to help and you when you're just like 'You do this for me? I feel so loved I love you!' especially because of them is an 11 year old boy and he was helping me wipe my jacket with a tissue. Like what little boy would do that without being grossed out? He actually broke his wrist the day after so am sending all the healing vibes to him! Sorry for discussing me throwing up on this blog but as you can see it was a touching story. Anyway point is I have an amazing family and I know just how very lucky I am to have them all <3

This weekend has been super fun, my bubba niece Florrie has come to stay over for the first time! She's 8 months now and is crawling all over the place, she's just the loveliest little girl! She's just so happy and any little tune starts playing she does a little bop :-') Luckily she likes the dog a lot, as long as he doesn't get too close to her food! Love her lots, could just squidge her. 

I know I've been banging on about  what a fab week I've had but it's also been tinged with sadness. You may remember a couple of weeks ago that I told you about a young girl with CF called Katie? You might have seen Zoella's tweet already I'm so sorry to tell you that last week she passed away, three days after her 17th birthday after the doctors told her there was nothing they could do for her as she was fighting an infection that couldn't be treated alongside the rejection of her new lungs. Everyone in the CF community are heartbroken and I can't even imagine what her poor family are going through. Katie did a lot of campaigning for organ donation and it's just so unfair that her new lungs didn't give her more time. Transplants are in no way a cure for CF and you're still left with a very uncertain future if you're lucky enough to receive one at your time of need but they did give Katie an extra two years. If someone hadn't made the decision to become a donor she wouldn't have had that which is why organ donation is such an amazing thing and why everyone should get their butts on the register! I always say if you'd accept organs if you needed them then you should be prepared to donate. I get why people get put off doing so, I actually have a whole post coming up on this to give people a bit more info on it, but when it comes down to it that's what you should think about I reckon! I'm so gutted to have had to end this post with this horrible news, I so wish I could be telling you that Katie got better and met Zoella and did all the other things that she could have done were it not for CF. It's such a cruel thing.

But I hope you've had a good week! I hope you've been happy and healthy and with the people you love. Life is precious and you must enjoy it as much as you can, even when you're being sick in public ;-)


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