Girl's Night Out

Two unusual things in today's post: 

1. I am wearing a dress
2. I am outside!

Zara White Lace Dress

Zara White Lace Dress
Leather jacket | Zara (similar here)
Dress | Zara (similar here)
Shoes | George @ ASDA* (similar here)
Bag | Mulberry (Del Rey)

Sorry they're just phone pics again but hey ho. This Zara white lace dress was bought back in May to wear to my niece's christening but I didn't end up going in the end because I was too ill in hospital - it was all good though, I got to see baby Florrie the next day and had her all to myself because there were no distant relatives who hardly see her hogging her ;) But this dress has been hanging up unworn in my wardrobe for ages so I was glad to get the chance to wear it on Saturday night. It's beautiful but I'm not actually sure about it on me. It's slightly too big so I did feel a bit like a little girl playing dress up haha! It's also ultra girly, something I'm not used to. Good to get out your comfort zone though and worn with NARS Red Square and my leather jacket (details here) I did feel a bit more 'me' and more casual - I'm not used to dressing up!

Wore this to my friend's birthday meal, me and my two best mates from school only manage to get all together a few times a year so it was special! It was also kinda nice to be back in Bermondsey, it's where I grew up and lived until a few years ago so it felt a bit nostalgic being back in that area. I like where I live now but I do miss being so close to places like this! Although there's also lots of not so nice things there too, it can be a bit grim haha. 

What do you think? Have you had any fun nights out recently?


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