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I feel like it's been forever since I did an outfit post on here! And look how summery my last one was, sobsob. I know I say it a lot but I really wanna get back into doing them again, I actually think now it's starting to cool down a bit it'll be a lot easier because I always feel more inspired to get dressed when I know I can play around with layers and stuff. Although I'm by no means a creative dresser I do get a bit bored with the lack of layering in summer (although I definitely appreciate the laziness of it!)

all black outfit
adidas gazelles women
zara leather jacket

all black outfit
Jacket | Zara (old, I love this one though)
Tee | H&M (old, similar here)
Trainers | Adidas Gazelles
Bag | Mulberry Del Rey (discontinued and there is nothing similar to this beauty )

I've also been excited to have the chance to wear these trousers (even when it was cold they just felt too wintery to wear in August) so I can be a Brittany/Jordan beg haha! I'll never be able to do their minimalist cool half as well as they can but I can at least pretend. I wore my H&M ones to death last year but they're a bit big for me at the moment so I got this pair from ASOS after trying on a whole bunch of them. ASOS have loads of these in all different styles and lengths so if you want a pair definitely check them out! They're so reasonably priced too.

Although I was freeeezing in this! I wore it on the 1st September and it was like Autumn had well and truly arrived. I went for dinner with my friend, I forgot tell you but when we went out a few weeks ago I brought my pizza home (we've discussed leftovers before) and when I was on the bus I accidentally poked a man in the eye with the pizza box. He was angry. 

Who else is looking forward to wearing their Autumn/Winter wardrobe? And it's a long shot, but has anyone else ever poked a stranger in the eye with a pizza? 


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