A Mini Rebrand

So after thinking about it for months I've decided to give this blog a little rebrand! I didn't even like 'Josie's Journal' that much when I set it up but felt rushed into it because I felt like 'Josie Loves Shoes' boxed me into some kind of shoe blogger niche (although I had and still have a pretty serious shoe addiction.) But I've been wanting something a lot more relevant and personal so I present to you...

It's taken me so long to change the name for a few reasons. Firstly, and rather stupidly, I was worried people would think I meant sick as in cool which I cannot get away with saying and I'm definitely not cool either! I also didn't want to look like I was glamorising chronic illness because I can assure you cystic fibrosis is probably the unsexiest disease ever haha!

I do worry a little about just being known as 'the ill girl' or even worse, look like a 'woe is me' attention seeker. Nor do I want to look like I'm letting illness define me but it's still a big part of me and the blog and it's not something I want to hide or feel embarrassed about, like I used to. More than anything the new name is a kind of in joke with myself because I think it's relevant and a bit funny but to anyone else it's meant to show the the mix of blogging about chronic illness and fashion/beauty on this little part of the internet. All too often people with illnesses/disabilities are just a number or statistic or something you might briefly read about in a newspaper and one of the big aims of my blog is to show the 'human' side of living with CF so hopefully the name represents that too.

So what do you think of the new name? All of my social media handles are changing and things so if anyone gets confused don't worry, it's still little ol' me haha! I'm in love with my new header too, I got it from this lovely Etsy seller who got it done for me super quickly - the service was fab! So pleased to finally have a bit of pink on here! Massive thanks to Pipdig for the help too. 

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