A Visit To The Tower Of London | Part 2

Hey! So as promised here's part two of my Tower of London post, if you haven't seen the first one check it out here :-)

White Tower

White Tower Tower of London

henry viii armour
henry viii armour
tower of london armoury
view from tower of london

Next we visited the White Tower where there is an armoury exhibition, sorry my photos are so rubbish but it was super busy in there. The second and third pics are Henry VIII's armour, yes we laughed at the willy bit too ;-) You can see why people considered him a massive guy because most of the other sets of armour were for short people. It's so cute, people were so titch back then! So many of the doorways are teeny and the staircases are so narrow as well. The bottom pic is the view from the White Tower, it's so cool that amongst all these modern glass buildings something so old and ancient is slap bang in the middle of it - that's the beauty of London isn't it? A great mix of old and new! Wonder what Henry VIII would make of it all?

The Royal Menagerie

tower of london polar bear sculpture
tower of london monkey sculpture
tower of london lion sculpture

Something that not many people know is that the Tower of London was once home to all kinds of wild and exotic animals! It's so bizarre to think that at some point a polar bear went fishing in the Thames. They were gifted to the English monarchs from foreign rulers and so there was a menagerie in the Tower that the paying public could go and see. This was right up until the Victorian days when they were all sent to live at London Zoo after a few too many incidents of the animals escaping and attacking each other and the humans - great animal welfare there! There's a whole exhibition on them in the Tower and it actually made me really sad, as obviously they didn't have a clue how to care for them and people back then weren't exactly big on animal rights anyway. But today they have been commemorated with these amazing wire sculptures that you can see dotted all around the area. It's hard to choose a fave but I did really like the elephant one!

tower of london shop
tower of london shop

We also popped into one of the shops, I 'tried on' a crown and I have to say I do think it suits me very well indeed. And you see those quill pens? I bought a bunch of them here when I was younger and used them at school which would be quite cute but I was 14. And I wondered why I got picked on so much! BUT never mind, because this time I bought an even fancier quill pen which I can use at home without the judgement of orange girls. Just the judgement of the internet instead...

tower of london quill pen

All in all it was a fab day! We were there for hours, we also checked out the bit they had on the Tower during WWI and WWII which was really interesting. The place is so huge we actually missed some parts of it and I definitely want to go back and go on one of the Beefeater, sorry, Yeoman Warder tours. I will add though, the food and drink there is so expensive so bring your own stuff with you!

Have you ever been to the Tower of London? Are you interested in Tudor history? What's one of your favourite places to visit? 


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