Autumn Bedroom Wishlist

I love my room, I think it's just so lovely if I do say so myself - but after a year and a bit I want to update it a little I think! Maybe make it cosier for winter, I think I'm definitely a bit tired of the silver accents now too. So I've created a little wishlist, you'll have to excuse me for not being that original with all the copper things but I think it's popular for a reason - it looks so good!


I do think Urban Outfitters can be quite overpriced sometimes but I'm sooo tempted by their homeware! The over the door hooks (£20) aren't an urgent purchase but I think they'd still add something to the room and I'm so in love with the Copper Geometric Pendant (£55). I love the idea of a copper light but I think they can be quite a hard thing to get right for a bedroom, I don't want something too industrial looking. I just think this one would be pretty nice but it's hella expensive for what it is though! But on the cheaper end of the scale I think this White Feather Pendant Light (£17) from George at Asda is cute, the only thing is my brother and his girlfriend have a similar one in their place that was quite expensive so it's just gorgeous and I'd be constantly comparing haha! Also I don't want to copy (not that they'd care at all!) I know I definitely want to replace my silver chandelier at some point though, I don't feel like it's very 'me' any more.

And what's a blogger home wishlist without a bit of H&M? I started IVs yesterday and I think for my 'IVs treat' I'm gonna get this bedlinen set (£39.99), I've wanted it for the longest time. You're probably looking at it thinking it's nothing special but it's chambray which is one of my favourite materials and I bet it's so comfy. I'm also a bit sick of all my patterned bed stuff, I think this plain grey would just look really pretty with my pink cushions. Everyone needs a cosy throw in winter and this rib knit blanket (£39.99) would do the trick, even though the dog steals all of my blankies! Finally, because I'm trying to phase out the silver and some of the more 'shabby chic' things in my room I think this glass box (£14.99) would be a nice thing to store jewellery in.

 Who else is feeling a mini bedroom makeover for winter? You can check out a tour of my bedroom here!


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