A Very Girly Essie Duo

I am a fail of a blogger because until now I'd never tried any Essie polishes - I know. But I was picking up some for a present for someone and this little duo really caught my eye despite being a lot more girly and fun than I'm used to!

Essie Fiji and Essie A Cut Above

Sold as a pair, first up we have Fiji. A very pale pink that took me four coats to get opaque, but then again I've not painted my nails since June(!) so I'm very out of practise. It looks super chic and neat on it's own and it's a shade that's not too dissimilar to the neutrals that I always wear but the topcoat that came with it is way out there for me! A Cut Above is a sparkly pink glitter that I found was super easy to apply - none of that dabbing about messiness that you usually have to deal with! 

essie fiji and a cut above swatch

I don't know if accent nails are even a thing any more but whilst this applied like a dream we all know glitter is a pain in the ass to remove. I ain't got time for all of that tinfoil nonsense so I didn't go the whole hog. Bet it would look so lovely though, I really want to give ombre glitter nails a go! 

But as I said, these were my first ever Essie polishes and I most definitely have been missing out - the brush is the perfect size, the staying power is immense (that pic was taken after 5 days wear!) and don't even get me started on the colour range, which you know all about I'm sure because you probably have better beauty game than me. The only trouble is I now sense an obsession coming on! But I'm usually 100% a Nails Inc girl so at least it's a little kinder to my bank account ;-) This little set is next on my wishlist!

Have you tried Essie polishes before? What's your favourite colour right now?


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