Nine By Savannah Miller

Yes, it is actually I! Looking a little fancier than usual but I've decided that if I'm up to it I could really do with making a little more of an effort instead of dressing like a boy all the time. And what better way to glam up a bit than with these gorgeous pieces from the Nine by Savannah Miller collection


Hat | H&M (similar here)
Boots | Topshop (similar here)
Bag | Mulberry

I picked out this beautiful navy swallow print dress, I love the shirt detail and the tie waist that just makes it a bit more laidback and cool. I went through a real phase of everything having to have a bird print back when I was like 16 (although this is definitely a lot chicer than the things I used to wear!) so it makes me feel a bit nostalgic. And then the fur gilet, which I think is going to be a real game changer this season. It's a perfect fit for the dress but I also think it's going to look so cool and effortless layered over coats and my leather jacket. Plus, it has pockets. I just think it's lovely and looks so expensive, I've received so many compliments on it even from people who have no interest in women's fashion (aka men.) I love the 70's trend on other people but all that suede and fringing isn't really me so this is my subtle take on the look. Worn with my trusty, one-of-my-best-ever-sale-finds-boots and my fedora that I'm determined to revive this winter I feel like a blogger cliché but I love it!

What do you think? Definitely check out the whole collection at Debenhams, I really love the Kate Moss, rock n roll vibes it's got - I think I'm gonna have to get this skinny scarf! 

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