Postcards From Hastings

On Monday we went to Hastings, but because we had Freddydog with us we didn't really explore much of the area and mainly stayed in this little part called St Leonards so I don't have many pics to show you! However I do have photos of a very happy doggy on the beach and well, what better way to end the week?

pastel houses hastings

hastings beach
hastings fish and chips
seagulls hastings

We started off with fish and chips for us (and a sausage for Freddy!) and you know when you innocently chuck a chip to a bird then suddenly a whole flock of them appears? They literally went mental! Can't blame 'em though, cos chips. 

hastings beach

bichon frise beach
pastel houses hastings
bichon frise
banksy hastings
st leonards beach

Dogs aren't allowed on a lot of the beach but the bit we chose where we could go on happened to be where the Banksy was which was a lucky find! This was actually Freddy's first ever trip to the seaside, we only usually go once a year during the summer when dogs aren't allowed at all so we wasn't sure what he'd think of it. He had the best time ever though, he even went in the sea and this is the dog who hates water so much he runs away if you turn a tap on! I don't usually like to take him off his lead when we go out because most of the time there's loads of other dogs and kids about but he had total freedom here which was so lovely to see. Well, until he disgraced himself and tried to hump a sheepdog...but even though it was such a laidback day and we didn't really do much it was one of my favourite days ever just because of his pure happiness! I love the photos I got of him too, not that I have any skill but I just think he's a QT - I'm obvs very biased though ;-) He was absolutely knackered when he got home:

bichon frise

It was a lovely area and there seemed to be a lot of renovation work going on which is fab because the buildings are so grand and majestic - I bet they're going to look fantastic all done up! I really want to go back one day and explore the history side of things, as it is of course the place of the famous battle of 1066 (and you know I'm a history nerd!)

Have you ever been to Hastings? I'd love to know a happy memory you have of your pet!


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