September Goals

September Goals

So, like a lot of people it seems, September is a time for new beginnings for me - even more so than New Year! It must be a side effect of school but I always start feeling super motivated around now and my brain is just buzzing with ideas. I used to do these goal type posts before but then got annoyed when I'd get ill and not be able to 'tick' everything of my list so I stopped doing them. But I'm bringing them back, because I like having things to focus on and look forward to. I'm just going to try not to care as much if CF gets in the way sometimes, because there's not much I can do about it! Onto the list:

1. See Florence & The Machine

I have my tickets, they arrived yesterday and I am so blimmin' excited!! It's not til the 21st so I have just over 2 weeks to try and make sure I don't get ill. This past year I've had a lot of instances where I've been really unwell in hospital stuck in a room on Mr Optiflow so between now and then I'm just so hoping I stay well. After that if my lungs have to play up then fine, whatever - just let me see my second favourite Florence (my niece baby Florrie is number 1 of course. She's actually on her first holiday abroad right now, I hope she's loving playing in the pool!)

2. Improve my fitness

I'll be really good for ages with doing my exercise bike and things but then I'll skip a day and before I know it I've not done it for a couple of weeks - just like what's happened now, my bad. So it's time to get my butt into gear and do those squats! I'll be looking at Khloe Kardashian for inspo of course ;-)

3. Keep improving the blog

I think I got a bit complacent with blogging earlier on in the year, nothing wrong with that as it's just a hobby but when things just stay the same it can get a bit boring. I think it's fun learning new things, I've been trying to improve my photography lately (hopefully you can tell haha!) and I just want to try different things and that mainly for my own benefit but maybe you'll like it too.

So these are my goals! There's plenty more (boring) things I could add to the list but I'm sticking to the fun stuff on here! Do you have any aims for September?


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