On Friday I went with my friend to see Legend, that new film about the Kray twins so I decided to go with a slightly Sixties theme with my outfit because I'm sad like that.

collared jumper

monochrome outfit
dune lexus loafers
mulberry King
monochrome outfit
Shirt | Uniqlo
Jumper | Matalan (similar here)
Denim | Zara (similar here)
Shoes | Dune
Bag | Mulberry

Albeit a much more casual version of the look! Although I felt nostalgic for more than one reason in this because it's how I used to do my make up every day, I've gotten soooo lazy. But obviously had to make an effort this time for Tom Hardy ;-)

Who was just amazing in the film by the way, but that's the only good thing I have to say about it. Generally I don't like the Krays, I get the fascination but I don't like how they're so glamorised and respected - so if you dress smartly and love your mother it's ok if you kill people? I don't think this film would be half as praised if it was another actor playing them. I thought it was stupid that Reggie's wife was the narrator because firstly she wouldn't have known about the stuff that went on and if you're going to use her as your big selling point for the film being different to all the other Kray films and documentaries then at least try and do her justice. Not much is known about Frances Shea but it is known her life was made hell by Reggie and I don't think this was very well portrayed in the film as they made it more sympathetic towards him rather than her. It just seemed as if the writers were like 'Well she had a bit of mental health problems anyway' rather than focus on the impact he had on her life. That's my view anyway!

But on the plus side I had the most amazing dinner! We went to Frankie & Benny's (for a change lol) and I had some potato thing with cheese and bacon and BBQ sauce, half a rack of ribs, half a chicken, chips and an ice cream float and I can't stop thinking about it! Totally made up the fact that they took the chicken strips off their starters, I even checked the cocktail menu just in case they'd accidentally printed them on there - they were my favourite things ever haha! I know most bloggers are like 'I can't believe this lipstick has been discontinued!' but I'm more upset about the food.

Have you seen Legend? Anyone else get my pain about the chicken?  


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