The Darcey Jacket

I'm going to be typically British here and start with discussing the weather - it's just been horrendous! I mean I love sitting indoors all cosy with a hot chocolate and a good book while it's all stormy outside but it's definitely not so great when you have to actually venture outside in it. So now's a great time for the Darcey jacket to come into my life!

target dry darcey jacket review

target dry darcey jacket
target dry darcey jacket
Jacket | Target Dry*
Jumper | Daisy Street
Denim | Uniqlo
Boots | Topshop (similar here)

I have a Barbour parka that I get a lot of use out of but it's quite heavy duty so not really what I need all the time. This is a lot more lightweight but still keeps you warm and dry, plus I think it's just a cute little jacket. Yes to finally owning something with a hood too, my fringe shall be saved from the rain! When I think of waterproofs I usually have flashbacks to those GAP windbreakers (90's kids will know what I'm talking about!) but this is thankfully a way cooler option. I love the toggles so you can pull it in at the waist to make it a bit more flattering and I like how fitted it is. I'm a city kid but I love that whole countryside look with the quilted jacket and Chelsea boots for autumn, it's very British and nostalgic! Target Dry have a great collection of waterproof jackets if you're on the lookout for one (and if you're living in the UK I recommend you invest!)

Today is the day! I'm going to see Florence + The Machine, I know I've been going on and on but it's truly a 'bucket list' thing for me so I'm super excited. I just don't know what to wear though! Oh and just to give you a heads up I'll be rebranding the blog a tiny bit maybe this week or next with a new name in case anyone gets confused haha! 

What do you wear in the rainy weather? Anyone else a big Florence fan? 

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