A Pick Me Up

Not the most inspiring of outfits but this was the day after my Harefield appointment when all I really wanted to do was wallow in bed all day but I got up and got dressed and felt so much better for it! It was a real pick me up even if I do look like a zombie ;-)

Hat | H&M (similar here)
Denim | Zara  (similar here)
Boots | Duo Boots*(now Ted & Muffy)
Bag | Mulberry

I love this shirt a lot, I think next I want to wear it minus the hat with jeans, a red lip and some simple flats. I like that it's a little too big, so it's still smart but a bit scruffy too! The way I think these boots are high then I look at these pics and they're really not haha! They're super comfy though. Plus it's my fourth outfit post in a row with no trainers - are you proud?

Yesterday was good, I went shoppppping. This week I've spent a lot but I don't really care I think at the moment I have a good excuse to be all YOLO (ick, I think I'm the only person who still says that!) And I didn't need oxygen, yeahhhh boi! I got some new Bambi pyjamas, do you know I got told I have too many? Ridic, you can never have too many even if you are 22. Although my obsession is slightly worrying, I have 6 pairs with Thumper or Bambi on them now...

What have you bought recently? Any other Bambi obsessives out there?


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