Week #23

Hello! How are you? It's been a bit of a quiet week, I feel like I've just been trying to adjust to the cold! My lungs are not so happy in this weather but on the plus side I'm a little bit pleased that I can start wearing my A/W wardrobe again. I realise this may look like a very stupid thing to say 'This weather makes me really ill but at least I can wear my camel coat!' Obviously if I had it my way the UK weather wouldn't be as minging and there would be much less of those nasty winter bugs but I can't have it my way so I just need to look for these silver linings in my life OK? Haha!

Wrapping up warm! Excuse the mess, have been organising stuff to donate to the charity shop.

Anyway I went for dinner with my friend, ordered a load of food but then felt rubbish all of a sudden so wasted about £30 which was boosome but had a good catch up which is the main thing! I also visited some family because they have a lovely new house and we went for a meal in a cute little place too. I know everyone bangs on about London having all these amazing places to eat but to be honest I much prefer finding somewhere out more in the countryside, I'm not much of a foodie and just like comfort food all the time, so basically anything with potatoes and/or cheese! I think they're more reasonably priced too and the atmosphere is usually friendly and cosy. I live kind of in the middle of the city and the 'proper countryside' and whenever I go anywhere it's always into London but now I think I want to go in the opposite direction and see more of Kent! I never thought I'd say that, I feel like I'm getting old haha. I mean I do love London still, it's where I grew up, but at times I do find it a bit too busy and tiring.

Oh I have an update on #birdgate, which I'm sure you've been eagerly awaiting. This week, there was  a mutiny! The two Wood Pigeon Cronies and the Dove Boss were just patrolling the garden as per and all of a sudden one of the pigeons grabbed the dove by the neck with his beak and for ages they just kept pecking each other in the face! I really didn't want the garden to be a bird murder scene so I sent Freddy out to bark at them so they cleared off. These birds had beef tho!

Sorry. Told you it's been a real slow week. So instead I'll leave you with some posts that I've liked reading, I definitely want to share the love more on this blog so it's going to be a weekly thing from now on  (if I remember!)

- Michelle has written a wonderful piece on 'Being A Human Being' regarding recent events

- Stephanie's super useful post about blogging and taxes, check it out if you're a UK blogger

- Elle has written a really insightful post on what it's like having coeliac disease, it's important to know that for some a gluten-free diet is in no way a fad!

- If you're wondering what to whip up for Sunday brunch may I suggest this baked eggs recipe on Saskia's lovely blog

I hope you've had a good week! Are you more of a city or country person? 


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