Week #24

This week has been prettttty good. A trip to the seaside, catch ups with friends, a day with cousins, Tom Hardy x2 on a big screen and my most successful TK Maxx trip ever. I've just been loving life so much lately, it's not often I feel well enough to be super busy so I'm definitely enjoying it while I can. Although I say I'm well, I've actually been having bad breathing difficulties this week and have been needing to use oxygen almost 24/7 since Thursday but other than that small problem I'm fine haha!

TK Maxx haul

I'll begin with the haul because I know that's what you're really interested in ;-) First up, another notebook and I know I said I buy too many but this is grey and white stripes with a gold heart so can you blame me for getting it? No, didn't think so. I have these Real Techniques brushes already but wanted another set because 1. I am lazy at washing them and 2. they're very useful for concealing so these were a very lucky find. And the PINEAPPLE! I'd wanted one from TK Maxx for ages (don't ask me why it had to come from there, it just did) so I was super pleased to see this, when I've sorted out my desk properly it's going to look lovely I reckon. The Essie polishes were actually from Boots but I've not tried them yet, I'll maybe do a post on them separately because they just so purrrrrdy.

So Monday was beach day, as posted about here, and Wednesday was a well overdue catch up with Sophie. She's as lovely IRL as she is online, I suggest everyone go check out her blog immediately! Thursday was the TK Maxx day and Friday I met up with my friend to see Legend, more thoughts on that tomorrow but I will say the 1960's thing is a very good look for Tom Hardy. Then yesterday was a little trip to the park with my little cousins who started reception this week, they're growing so fast!! I went on the kids zipwire thing and had to do an emergency stop because some weirdo woman was just standing right in the middle of it, I was rather annoyed she ruined my fun. Boo her! Although I say she's a weirdo, I was the one playing in a kids playground... 

Today I have tonnes of boring adminny stuff to do which I am not looking forward to! But this week has been super fun mainly so I can't complain, even though I've been really struggling to breathe. I've been needing oxygen nearly all day and night since Thursday, I don't feel ill so I'm not sure what's going on - I just can't flippin' breathe! But at least I have portable oxygen so I can still get out and about, even if it's a bit of a struggle physically.

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who shared my post on organ donation, it really is something so important that could affect any of us at any time! I'm glad so many people support it and if you're thinking of signing up just do it now - it only takes 2 mins and it's so easy to fill in. I'll leave you with some posts that show just how life changing transplants can be:

- Emmie has done all sorts of wonderful posts on organ donation this week but one that may be of particular interest to you is Andy's guest post. You may remember he featured on this blog a while back, unfortunately he is now on the list waiting for new lungs. If you read one thing today make it this, it is brutally honest and shows the reality of what it's like having end stage cystic fibrosis. 

- Holly has done a short video about her lung transplant earlier in the year, she has been to hell and back but competed in the Transplant Games just 5 months after her life saving op! She is a massive inspiration, check out her interview on Emmie's blog here, her own blog and YouTube channel. Plus keep an eye out for her on your TV later on in the year as she'll be featuring in a documentary! 

I hope you've had a great week! What's been your best ever TK Maxx finds?


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