Week #25

Well I just went and jinxed myself didn't I? After saying in my September Goals post that I wanted to stay well before the 21st, I am on IVs - boo! Knew I needed them though, I went to the CF clinic on Tuesday because I've not been able to come off oxygen. I convinced them to let me wait and start them next week after Florence + The Machine but I had to admit defeat on Thursday and get on them.

One of the prints I got in TK Maxx this week  - 12 for £4.99! They're all super cute, when they're framed and in the office they're going to look so good I think.

It's not that much of a big deal I suppose, but it's ruined my weekend plans but never mind eh? At least I'm not in hospital although I'm really worried I might have to go because I just can't breathe properly and I'm feeling really dizzy. Just sitting down my oxygen sats were 89% which is really low so obviously when I try to move they go even lower and my lung function was 22% which is terrible. I wouldn't be that bothered but I have plans with people and really don't want to let anyone down! Plus my mum is going away soon on this amazing holiday so I need to get better before she goes otherwise I know what she's like, she'll be worrying so much and it'll ruin it for her!

It's not been a totally crappy weekend though, I've had Chinese food twice - not that I need an excuse, CFer's do need to cram in all the calories we can get! Seriously though, I was in heaven because I had to order loads to make it up to a certain price or they won't deliver. Such an annoyance ;-) I also fell over which was hilarious, washed my hair over the sink, flipped it back to put it in a towel and lost my balance and fell backwards into the bath. Couldn't move because I was so out of breath and was just doing that silent laughter thing haha! And then Freddydog came into the bathroom to see what the commotion was all about and he was just staring at me like 'You fool!' Poor thing is really ill too, he's like a human because when he's not well he wants loads of cuddles! Breaks my heart </3

A very short and sweet post today because I have a killer migraine from these IVs and also I get like this reactive arthritis in my hands when I get ill (it's a CF thing that can happen sometimes!) so I'll leave you with some posts I loved this week:

- Sam's post about how we should enjoy each chapter of our lives really struck a chord and I hope it'll get you thinking about how life is to be enjoyed. 

- Helen's blog has had a makeover and I now want to revamp my design! Go check it out and be jealous (and also be warned, you'll be googling new blog designs immediately.)

- I'm a massive fan of Carly's illustrations but this Happy Malamute is a particular favourite! A cute doggy and a bit of pink, two of my fave things!

I hope you've had a great week! What are you loving about life right now? 

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