A Cosy Movie Night In

I love a good movie night and with the evenings getting colder it's a great excuse to cosy up with my favourite films! But I like to make a proper deal of it rather than just stick Netflix on so I thought I'd do a little post on what makes my perfect movie night in for all the autumnal feels.

Firstly, I need to get comfy! Luckily it's that time of year when Primark get the fleecies in so I had to get myself a new pair - I went for Thumper this time but there's still a Bambi pair in store with my name on. It's funny because with my outfits I'm such a monochrome Parisian wannabe but my pyjama collection looks like it should belong to a 5 year old!

Fairy lights are great for setting a cosy scene but I don't actually have any - #bloggerfail I know! But my pretty ÅSUNDA lamp from IKEA creates the same kind of effect. I'm kind of obsessed with it, it reminds me of a ballerina!

Next up, drinks and snacks - pretty critical stuff! I'm really boring and have gone for water here (in my super cute mug from the lovely Sophie <3)  and there needs to be chocolate of some kind - at the moment I can't stop eating Fry's Chocolate Creams, how old skool is that haha!

Finally, the films. I wish I could be more sophisticated here but Sex And The City: The Movie is my all time fave, my ultimate feel good film. I know the second one is rubbish but I've still thrown it in there cos of the shoes! It's all so ridonk and over the top but I just love it. Carrie is soooo selfish though, she does my brain in - Miranda is the best I think, what about you? At the moment I don't currently have a TV in my room so I watch things on my noisy old laptop (though I'm lusting after the ones in the Panasonic range!)

So I know how I'll be spending my Sunday evening! What are your must haves for a cosy movie night? What film could you watch over and over?

*Collab but all words and love of cosiness my own!


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  1. Great PJ's they look supper comfortable and cosy. I love a good night in Lucy x


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