Week #27

Hey! How are you? This week has been good, although for some reason I can't remember what I did at the beginning of it! I think I went shopping? I probably did. In fact I definitely did because I remember now that I didn't need to use my oxygen - woohoo! And also, IVs finished on Thursday so I'm freeee! So although it's ambitious I've decided to give Blogtober a go (albeit a few days late!) But I thought it'd be a good way to celebrate the new blog name, it's now all shiny and official with my new domain :-)

Covent Garden crepe

I got a new portable oxygen machine on Wednesday, before I'd been using these cylinder things that only last an hour or two then have to be replaced by the company but this one is so much better because it lasts for about 4 hours before it needs to be charged, which you do just by plugging it in the wall. It's way more convenient and I love it! But it came with like this trolley thing that I have to pull along and I was thinking 'Hahahaha NO WAY' because it's so obvious and also, how am I going to navigate around H&M pulling that along? Because let's face it, that's gonna be what it's mainly used for. But my clever mummy made some adjustments to a rucksack that I already had so I can carry it on my back so it's just way less obvious. Blimmin' heavy though after a while!

I gave it its first test run on Friday, you could say I definitely threw it into the deep end because I took it with me to Covent Garden. All for a super fun reason though, to meet the lovely Sam! It was so surreal to actually meet in real life after talking on-line for years but it was just so fab. She is just as lovely as you'd expect (and I love her accent haha!) Special thank you to you Sam for being so understanding about my spontaneous coughing fits and out of breathness. We had such a fun day, had a little mooch around Covent Garden, a trip to the Tottenham Court Road Primark and then dinner at Prezzo where Sophie came to meet us which was lovely too. I know everyone says it but it's true - the best thing about blogging are the friends you make <3

Then I went back to my brother's house for a burrito then home again where I was greeted by a very happy Freddydog - he seriously makes you feel so loved haha! Last night I saw my best mate who I haven't seen since we saw Legend so it was good to have a catch up.

Before I go here's some posts that I've loved this week!

- Katy has given her blog a little rebrand and I am loving her new design! Looking very swish indeed.

- Jordan is doing Blogtober which I'm excited about as hers is one of my favourite blogs! She has amazing style and just seems so funny and down to earth, so I'm so happy she'll be posting daily this month. 

- Hannah's post on the fashion industry and body image totally hit the nail on the head. I'm so sick of people getting accused of skinny shaming when they address what is an obvious problem in the industry. Yes of course there are naturally skinny people (I'm one of them!) but the fashion world does make people feel they need to be a certain size. There's so much more I could say but just go read the post as Hannah says it all better than I ever could. 

I hope you've had a fun week too! Have you ever been to Covent Garden? Is anyone else doing Blogtober?


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  1. Glad that you have new oxygen that gives you more freedom. Thank goodness for ingenious mummies. I love Covent Garden Lucy x


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