Some Bedroom Updates With Cushion Covers*

Hey! I mentioned a little while ago I wanted to give my room a mini makeover so I thought I'd show you the teeny changes I've made. It's not much and it's not finished yet but I definitely feel like my room is cosier now!

I had a silver chandelier before that you can see here but because I am a pinterest addict/blogger cliché I really wanted to add some copper to my room. In my wishlist I had my eye on an Urban Outfitters light but it was a little too pricey for me so I was  super pleased to find a much cheaper version in good ol' Dunelm of all places! I already have the white floors/walls and that marble tray, a few more copper bits and I'll be living the blogger dream ;-) 

I treated myself to the H&M duvet set I was after while I was in hospital so getting back to my own bed after 6 weeks sleeping on a plastic mattress was extra special haha! It's a little bit darker in real life than I thought it would be but I really like it! It's a lovely chambray material and whilst the colour does clash with my curtains I think but they'll be going soon as I've got white blinds to put up so it doesn't matter. I really want to change the 'Love' cushion that I got from Next ages ago, it's pretty but I like changing them up because it's such a cheap and easy way to update a room - Yorkshire Linen, Etsy and H&M Home have some lovely bargains!

What do you think? Do you like the copper trend or do you think it's a bit overdone now? You can check out a full room tour here!

*Ad collab but all views are my own, as always!*



  1. I love your lamp shade so much! Yay for finding a cheaper version!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. I am inlove with your lamp shade Josie! The affordable price is also a bonus. Xx

    every LiTTLE thing07

  3. Holy Crap that chandelier is amazing! I love the rose gold accents.
    Diana |


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