Sorry About That...

Hey! How are you? So I'm back, it wasn't quite the quick stay I was hoping for it was in fact the longest time I've ever been in hospital and away from Freddydog - he's in a massive sulk with me haha! But I guess six weeks is a long time.

Wearing the Optiflow and pushing through some extra calories through my feeding tube!

So at home my oxygen machine only goes up to 3L but I was needing more than that so they put me on this machine called the Optiflow (I'm wearing it in the pic above!) With regular oxygen if you go above 4L it can get very dry and uncomfortable so this is humidified to make it more comfortable and it also delivers oxygen at a faster flow than the regular stuff so it gives more support. The only problem is after a while it feels a bit heavy and annoying to wear 24/7 plus as it's heated it makes me boiling. It's also not portable so the majority of the time I was stuck in that same room for weeks on end. Small price to pay though!

What had happened was I had 'plugged' - this is when the airways in my lungs get too clogged up with rubbish making it difficult to breathe so I just had to do loads of chest physio, loads of IVs and try to keep my fitness up. Luckily the only problem (albeit a big one!) was my breathing where usually I also feel sick, tired and all round rubbish but as I didn't this time it definitely made things easier. So my body didn't have to fight off those usual things as well as the chest infection and as the Optiflow was giving a big helping hand with my lungs I didn't have to use all my energy up trying to breathe so all of that energy turned into FAT. Yep, that much needed weight has been gained and I am now the proud owner of a healthy BMI :-) Sitting on my butt the majority of the time eating Mars Bars definitely helped but so did pushing through a Fortisip drink (special but gross high calorie thing) through my tube on top of my other high calorie drinks and overnight feed played a factor too so I'll be keeping those up!

Cheeky promo of my snapchat ;-) 'sickchickchic'

So after lots of (tiring) physio, lots of shake ups of my IVs antibiotic combos and lots of hard work from my CF team (and also myself too I guess) I came home Friday evening. It was definitely time to leave, I was feeling so down by week 5 and being stuck there meant I kept thinking about transplant scariness and all of that so I'm pleased to be back home with my family and Freddy and all my things. Although my family and friends were so good, I had visitors every day and lots of treats! Thank you for the get well messages too, you really helped keep my spirits up <3

I'm hoping to get back to blogging  properly again soon but I'm completely knackered haha! After long hospital stays it's always tiring when you get home, I guess like when you get back off of holiday! But the plan is to keep up with all the extra physio, keep up my fitness plan and take it easy. I always seem to rush into doing things as soon as IVs are over but I think doing that is what made me ill this time so I've definitely learnt my lesson! I'm also going to be good and actually wear my oxygen when I'm out and about, like just before this admission I had that lovely day out with Sam and Sophie and then the day after I went out with my friend - all without wearing my oxygen like I should have! I'm also going to have to bite the bullet and actually use a wheelchair when I'm out  which I'm not too thrilled about but what can you do? At least it'll be a good thing to load all my Christmas shopping on ;-) 

Welll I hope you're good! Should be back to blogging regularly again soon but you may have to bear with me - just wanted to check in and say hi! Now I'm off to shave my legs, been 6 weeks because of hospital and tbh I'm not sure if I'm up to the challenge...



  1. Sounds like a walk in the park...not!! I've been following you on snapchat and Instagram so really didn't miss seeing your lovely little face that much :)

  2. I bet you are pleased to be home. Six weeks is such a long time. I'm glad that physio was easier and it's good that you have put on weight even if it meant having to suffer those awful drinks. Hopefully Freddy has now forgiven you Lucy x


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