Week #28

Hey! How are you? I've had a good week at home and after a bit of bribery Freddydog is my friend again. So all is well! Lungs have been a bit up and down, I'm still on oxygen 24/7 but been able to get out the house which is good!

Nice to be back with my bits and bobs!

I spent the first few days doing bloggy things and doing Christmassy things which was nice and relaxing and then on Wednesday I went shoppppping! Had to use my wheelchair which arrived on Monday. I've used them in hospital before which was fine but actually using one in the outside world felt very different! I won't lie, I feel really sad that I probably won't be able to go out and about by myself any more for anything that requires a lot of walking but at least I can still go out and I'm lucky I have a lot of patient people like my mum and the rest of my family and friends to push me around! The chair wasn't so much the problem, more the oxygen. I have a portable concentrator that only lasts around 4 hours so I can't be out any longer than that so that's gonna be an adjustment too. I definitely wasn't ready to be out shopping yet because my sats dropped to 73 when we got back to the car - shopped a bit too hard! I dunno though, it just feels like my life has gone all weird and different. But I'm still recovering from all those weeks in hospital so I need to remember I'm not just gonna bounce back to where I was and also winter is always a crappy time for my lungs anyway. And by Friday I managed to go to the hairdressers and then to Sainsbury's later where I just pushed a trolley around instead of needing a chair so that was a small victory haha! 

BUT onto the fun part, you obviously wanna know what I bought! Not the Christmas presents that I was supposed to get but some over the knee boots that actually fit my legs! They're from Zara and at £50 they were far cheaper than I expected - they're sure to be in an outfit post soon but here's a sneak peek before I got my hair did. 

Yes that is correct, I went and got my hair cut! It's not usually my favourite experience but this time I felt so relaxed and I genuinely am happy with my hair - she kept the length and didn't do anything funky with my fringe! I was nervous about going because I'd be by myself wearing oxygen but I was completely worrying about nothing. They were super lovely and didn't make a big deal out of it whilst being so accommodating at the same time like making sure I was comfortable when I was leaning back having my hair washed etc and just made me feel so at ease. They were a hairdressers near me on my local high street called Dolls House Boutique and should you ever be in the area I really recommend! So welcoming and friendly and do exactly what you want. I think it's always best to try and support local businesses too if you can. Not the best pic but here's my new 'do!

Finally, I've been super busy getting some stock up for my Etsy, I lost loads of time due to being in hospital but in the evening today there'll be some Christmas cards for sale with profits going to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust! So keep an eye out, I'll be saying when they're up on Twitter and instagram :-) *EDIT: They're available now!*

So that's my news! What have you been up to? 

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