2016 Goals

Yes these posts are a massive cliché and none of us stick to our goals (remember when mine was to buy only one item of clothing a month HAHAHA) but they're fun to write and fun to read! Plus I gets to show ya my pretty new planner that was a fiver from the stationary heaven that is TK Maxx.

2016 polka dot diary tk maxx stationery

Right now I'm a little bit in limbo since I'm waiting for my lung transplant assessment to happen at the beginning of February and I guess I won't know anything til that's all done. I won't lie, I'm really nervous about it but I'm just trying to worry about it when the day comes! In the meantime I just wanna take it day by day like usual.

But anyway since CF and hospitals are going to take up a lot of my time like they did this year I'm just planning to fill the in between bits with fun stuff! It's not a bucket list or anything like that but just some stuff I didn't get round to doing in 2015!

1. Go to an alpaca farm, hopefully when they have some bubba ones!
2. Go to the cinema more.
3. Go and see a musical (I quite fancy Wicked!) 
4. Do something fun for my birthday (had a nice family day this year but didn't get round to a cocktail night!)
5. Finally get round to learning to crochet properly.

I'm sure there'll be loads more I'll want to do but five is a nice number for now! Since I can't leave the house without oxygen, someone to help me and often a wheelchair too I'll have to ask nicely for people to come along with me (though I'm sure they won't take much convincing haha!) My family and friends really are the best, they're the main reason I'm not sitting here depressed about how my health is now. I may have lost a lot of independence but I'm so lucky to have the best people around to help me! We're getting together today actually as it's Baby Florrie's first birthday - feels like yesterday I was telling you she had been born <3

Since this is the last post of 2015 I just want to say thank you for always being so kind, especially this year! Happy New Year to you and let me know any fun plans you have for 2016!


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