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Yet another nude lipstick to add to the collection (you can check out my others here and here!) This is a cute little dinky sized version of the Clinique Lip Pop in Nude Pop that came free with Glamour magazine last month. I think this was a fab freebie, they've been so hyped up and I've been wanting to try them for ages!

Clinique Nude Pop review, lipstick flatlay, marble tray

The name is quite cute and I really like the square, modern packaging but it's the way it reminds me of being little that makes me love it the most. The scent takes me back to when I was smaller and used to play with my mum's make up (sure she appreciated that!) I do quite like their skincare but Clinique make up never really appealed to me before, I guess I just consider them to be a sciency kind of brand with the counter ladies in their white lab coats but I'm so glad I got to give this a try because it's really rather nice! The idea is they have a primer in them to help increase wear time but, as with most nude lipsticks, I find the staying power is pretty average. No big deal though as it's so easy to apply - I've been using it more a lip balm type thing as it's super moisturising.  

Clinique Nude Pop swatch, Clinique Nude Pop review

So as you can see the colour isn't too far off my natural shade, I suppose it's one of those 'my lips but better' turn outs although it'd probably have a little more oomph if I'd bothered with lip liner. I think it probably looks different on everyone but on me it's definitely more of a pinky nude rather than brown. It's a little glossy too, if you look closely at the bullet it has these teeny shimmer particles which look really subtle on once you're wearing it. So the big question is would I buy it full price? Um, no. It's perfectly lovely but isn't a special enough colour to warrant spending £16 on - however I also picked up another copy of Glamour to try out Cherry Pop and it's safe to say it's allll the heart eyed emojis so it'll probably get a post all of it's own. I guess the conclusion is I'd happily pay out for something bold but I'll stick to the cheaper end of the spectrum when it comes to nudes (out of all of the ones I've tried so far, the Rimmel Kate ones are my faves!)

What do you think? Did you pick up these freebies too?


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  1. I really like nudes that are close to my own lip colour but lots of people see them as pointless. I however think it's nice sometimes to have the feeling of lipstick, with additional colour, shine but not over the top Lucy x


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